Coca Cola Music Festival confirms Estopa and moves from Iberdrola Music to Caja Mágica


The Coca-Cola Music Experience has confirmed that Estopa is a special guest artist on its account and has changed its Madrid location from Iberdrola Music, a location located in Madrid’s Villaverde district, to Caja Mágica.

Coca-Cola announced these new additions via social media, explaining that the venue change is because they are looking to “make the best festival” for the fans who come to the event.

The festival headquarters move comes after the cancellation of the Reggaeton Beach Festival at Iberdrola Music last weekend. This, according to the Madrid City Council, was due to the fact that “adequate security conditions or evacuation conditions for an event with such characteristics” were not guaranteed.

The city council made the decision after said festival’s organizer submitted an “incomplete mobility plan” and the fire department issued an “unfavorable” report. In addition, he did not have permission to exceed the maximum decibel noise level set by the Noise Ordinance.

Adding to the controversy over the cancellation of the Reggaeton Beach Festival were other problems in organizing the Harry Styles concert and the Mad Cool festival, causing complaints from residents of the Villaverde and Getafe areas about “noise”, “insecurity” and mobility. helpers. The Coca-Cola Music Experience was the next and last event announced by Iberdrola Music for this year.

Getafe Mayor Sarah Hernandez said she expects the concert venue to be permanently closed and added that “pressure from Getafe has made big brands reluctant to project a negative image by associating them with a venue associated with a controversial and obvious safety, mobility and noise.”

Along with the announcement of the transfer, Coca-Cola Music Experience said that Estopa will also be part of the event, which will take place on September 1 and 2 under the direction of Quevedo. It will also feature other well-known artists such as Ava Max, Yung Blud, María Becerra, Trueno or Villano Antillano, among others, as no names have been announced yet.

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