Colombia to procure 2,000 hepatitis C drugs with PAHO support

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection and ADRES, the organization that manages the resources of the health system, announced the purchase of two thousand drugs for patients with hepatitis C. According to the results obtained in patients treated 12 weeks after the end of treatment, there is a cure rate of 99.8% .

The medicines were purchased through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in the amount of $6.9 million after negotiations with the laboratory, which resulted in a saving of 17% compared to last year’s price.

This centralized procurement mechanism for hepatitis C drugs has been implemented by the Ministry since 2017, and 776 patients benefited from it in 2021; 937 patients in 2022 and over 483 patients in 2023.

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Both paid and subsidized patients will have access to treatment provided they meet the requirements set out in Ordinance 1692 of 2017 issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which establishes the following rules for the distribution and supply of hepatitis drugs. WITH:

• Patients must have a prescription for medicine in MIPRES (a technology tool implemented by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for access, prescription reporting, supply verification, control, payment and analysis of health technology information. Not funded by UPC resources and additional services) .

• The SEP asks the Ministry of Health for the number of drugs depending on the patients who have a diagnosis and a prescription for the drug.

• EPS and IPS conduct appropriate examinations and supply medications to patients.

• High Cost Account tracks and controls patient care according to information provided by EPS.

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