Coloproctology La Fey re-accredited as an advanced department.

VALENCIA. (EFE) Department of Coloproctology, Department of Digestive Surgery, La Fe Hospital in Valencia under the direction of Dr. Blas Flor Lorentehas been re-accredited by the Spanish Association of Coloproctologists (AECP) for meeting the highest quality standards required.

This certificate is issued for the next 10 years and adds this department to a select group of re-accredited advanced departments in the field of coloproctological pathology, consisting of four other centers: the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia, the Main University Hospital of Reina Sofia, the General University Hospital of Gregorio Maragno and the University Hospital of Navarra.

Thanks to this certification, obtained already 5 years ago, the Spanish Association of Coloproctologists appreciates the work of La Fe’s professional teams, which play a fundamental role in coordinating, developing and monitoring care processes, as well as in developing educational activities. , and teach.

It is thus a mark of excellence that makes La Fe’s Department of Coloproctology “a national center for the treatment of these pathologies and training at the highest level of coloproctology for any surgeon”, stated Flor Lorente. to the announcement of the Generalitat.

This quality of care has a direct impact on people in the Valencian Community with colorectal pathology who receive interdisciplinary, comprehensive and specialized care.

In particular, each case is studied individually, and the most appropriate approach and solution is provided within a highly qualified professional team and with the participation, if applicable, of other specialists.

Every year, the department performs from 800 to 1000 different surgical interventions in the field of coloproctology and 10,000 consultations per year.

The most frequently consulted pathologies are proctology (hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas), as well as colorectal cancer.

The La Fey Advanced Coloproctology Department consists of 8 General Surgeons, an International Research Fellow, 3 General Surgery Residents, 1 to 3 rotating Residents (from other national and international centres), 10 to 20 Nursing Specialists between department and consultations. 2 dentists and 1 nurse specialize exclusively in the treatment of incontinence.

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