CONICET scientist made a key contribution to the fight against allergies that Miley suffered from

“They asked me if I knew if Javier Miley he was allergic to fish, food allergy. The truth was unknown, and it coincides with the statements he made. Miley in the media about their vision of science in Argentina and CONICET in particular. We have been working for many years to develop vaccines or treatments for this type of allergy, and when asked if we could cure it, I replied that if we had the opportunity to transfer trials to people, which requires a lot of investment. “We could improve the quality of life, but exactly what he proposes is cuts,” he said. William Duzendirector of the Institute for Immunological and Pathophysiological Research (IIFP).

In this spirit, the researcher criticized the statements of the La Libertad Avanza candidate regarding Argentine science: “We, in addition to cuts, need much more resources, but with his position it will be difficult. In Argentina, it is very difficult to conduct this kind of research, because we have no investment from either the state or the private sector, most pharmaceutical companies are transnational and choose their country of origin,” he said.

“Therefore, there is little development among people and basically what is being done, patented and sold, we develop something, and a private person will take advantage of it. If someone has the opportunity to make a decision, it is made by the country itself, this is something very important and is called sovereignty. This is what we should strive for, but funding and funds are needed, unfortunately, we are talking about cuts,” he added.

Finally, Dozen He spoke of the importance of informing the public about the work of CONICET: “Circumstances like this help ensure better dissemination and that the public knows what it means to do science in Argentina and what it means to belong to CONICET. It was heard that someone who is in CONICET does nothing or is a gnocchi, which is established in a good part of society, and this is really not true,” he said. (

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