contract until 2028 and will charge 30 million

It’s not official yet, but nothing seems to stop it. Erling Haaland has extended his contract with Manchester City until 30 June 2028. in the firm, which would mean not only a massive pay raise for the business striker, but also a terrible setback for Florentino Pérez.

Real Madrid contacted the player before Haaland traveled to the Etihad Stadium, but interest is far from waning. A clause that would allow the 23-year-old striker to move to any club in 2024 was cause for optimism for Florentino Pérez, who appeared determined to go after the player, but the imminent signing would derail the president’s plans.

Haaland, who is currently associated with the City until 2027, will extend his involvement with the project for another year. citizen and, will move from raising 20 million net campaign funds to 30 kilogramsto an offer that Florentino Pérez is unlikely to be able to resist in order to try to convince the striker

That is why this refusal, after the arrival of Kylian Mbappe was not closed this summer, is very humiliating news for the future interests of Real Madrid, since The absence of a top-level striker will be completely reflected in the club’s tasks, especially in the Champions League.

Mbappe is the bomb of 2024?

In this sense, it should be noted that although the French striker turned down the opportunity to play at the Bernabeu this summer, something that initially crossed the 25-year-old Parisian striker off Real Madrid’s priority listmay once again have an impact on the club’s offices after Erling Haaland’s vehement refusal.

Recall that Mbappe’s contract expires in 2024, and while his extension at PSG is not entirely out of the question, he could once again be an option for Florentino.

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