Corona Capital 2023: Chemical Brothers – Free Time Queretaro

Querétaro, Cro., July 24, 2023 – Back in Mexico, The Chemical Brothers will vibrate those attending Corona Capital 2023, which is getting closer every day.

The Chemical Brothers are an influential British electronic music duo formed in 1989 in Manchester, England. The group consists of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, who met while studying at the University of Manchester. Since then, they have left a deep mark on the electronic music scene and have been pioneers in popularizing the genre around the world.

The Chemical Brothers’ musical style is characterized by a unique combination of electronic, dance, breakbeat, big beat and rock elements. They are recognized for their ability to mix different genres and create tracks with irresistible rhythms and hypnotic melodies.

One of his first major successes was Exit Planet Dust (1995), which included singles such as “Leave Home” and “Chemical Beats”. However, it was their second album “Dig Your Own Hole” (1997) that brought them international fame. This album included hits such as “Block Rockin’ Beats” and “Setting Sun” which reached the top of the charts.

Over the years, The Chemical Brothers have released a number of albums to critical and public acclaim, including Surrender (1999), Come with Us (2002), Push the Button (2005), We Are the Night (2007), Further (2010), Born in the Echoes (2015) and No Geography (2019).

In addition to their studio work, The Chemical Brothers are known for their vibrant live performances, in which they combine music with stunning visuals and lighting effects, making them one of the most popular electronic music artists to be seen in concert.

Throughout their career, The Chemical Brothers have received numerous awards and accolades, including several Grammy Awards. His influence on electronic music and popular culture in general is undeniable, and his legacy will live on as one of the main landmarks in the genre.

Don’t miss the group’s presentation on Sunday, November 19 during the grand closing of Corona Capital 2023.


For fans of alternative music. Crown Capital 2023 will give an unforgettable experience to all fans of such legendary bands as PULP, BLUR, THE CURE, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, PET SHOP BOYS, ARCADE FIRE and much more. This festival has become a unique platform for watching world-famous performances, as well as a favorite place to discover new talents on the world stage.

This festival, first held in 2010 in Mexico, has become one of the most anticipated events in the country and Latin America outside the international music scene. Until the date Crown Capital remains a major musical reference not only for fans, but also for the artistic community, showing that today we THE MEXICAN FESTIVAL THAT RULES THE WORLD.

TICKETS: Citibanamex Presale For subscriptions three days will be available starting at $4,290 (plus service charge) starting from Friday 9 June at 14:00 through General Sale Starts Saturday 10 June at 14:00 V ticket sales master and at the box office of the Palacio de los Deportes.

BCESWdata: The biggest festival in the history of the festival was in 2022 when over 250,000 people and about 85 groups attended in three emotional days.

We know that we have a diverse audience with unique preferences and needs. Thus, Crown Capital 2023 offers different types of tickets: General accesswhich will allow you to access all the main areas of the festival, where you can enjoy all the presentations on different stages; Comfort pass presented by Citibanamexwhich provides access to private air-conditioned bathrooms, as well as exclusive and express entry to the festival; Citibanamex Pluswhich offers you privileged access to seating and exclusive food and drink areas, privileged views of the main stages and additional benefits.

Except, CLUB This will be the ultimate luxury at the festival: this exclusive space includes access to the VIP area. side stageunlimited food and drinks, discounted parking and transfers to shuttle, backstage roadwardrobe, personal concierge, premium bathrooms, cell phone batteries, Diamond Pit club… And the unparalleled pleasure of listening to music in a first-class environment!

Crown Capital left an indelible mark on the Mexican music scene, having successfully spent 12 releases on mexico city and 4 in Guadalajara. Over the years, famous artists such as strokes, tame the impala, Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, My Chemical Romance, Kings of Leon, pixie, Interpol, imagine Dragonsamong many, many others who have named the festival one of the largest and most popular, compared to the most important in the world.

IN Crown Capital we strive for everything that happens around us. That’s why we have a certificate ISO 20121 for our Sustainability management in events since 2019. This confirms our commitment to be an inclusive and responsible environmental grassroots event, and to have a positive economic impact locally and nationally by supporting hundreds of micro-enterprises and employing thousands of people.

See you at the most important international music festival of the year! For more information on tickets, experiences and more CC23, visit Follow us on social media for updates on your favorite bands: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok: @CoronaCapital.

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