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Today International Women’s Day is commemorated throughout the world, a date that is still necessary to make visible the struggle of women for real equality and to demand that all can freely exercise their rights. One more year, and as part of its social commitment, COSMO joins this celebration with two inspiring awareness campaigns and a special program dedicated to this protest day.
On the occasion of March 8, the channel has carried out a unique project in which eight prestigious illustrators have created 8 posters to commemorate Women’s Day. The artists, nationally and internationally recognized for their work in the Prado Museum, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Guardian, have created unique designs, giving free rein to their creativity to make this cause visible and express your concerns.
COSMO’s objective with this extraordinary project is for each of the artists to work with total freedom, interpreting 8M from their personal style, so that the posters show the diversity of their messages and go as far as possible. Each of the illustrators represents a different trend in the world of illustration and the result is a sample of the great talent of these famous creators and their ability to open new debates and conversations around this date.
The eight resulting works are part of a dossier in the form of sheets and are available in high quality on the COSMO website so that anyone who wishes can download, print and enjoy them.
The illustrators who have participated in this project have also carried out a series of interviews where they explain their creative process, their motivations for participating in this project and why they believe it is important to continue fighting for equality. All these materials can be seen on the channel’s website and social networks.
With this campaign, COSMO claims such a necessary date as Women’s Day while establishing links with the world of culture and art through distinguished creators. In 2023, the illustrators who have participated are Alícia Vogel, Ana Galvañ, Belén Segarra, Cristina Jiménez, María Gómez, Marina Salazar, Nuria Riaza and Teresa Bellón.
Every year, the chain uses its position as a media outlet to claim Women’s Day, point out the inequalities that still exist and promote new debates. For this, we have interviewed managers who have broken the glass ceiling, women who have made their way into highly masculinized jobs or educators specialized in equality. This time we want to pose a new question: why do women become invisible when they approach 40?
The scriptwriter and comedian Henar Álvarez, the actresses Marta Belenguer and Paula Losada, the writer Espido Freire and the influencers Camino Villa tell why they believe that women disappear from the public sphere as they get older, how they have struggled to gain a foothold, and how this situation is changing for the new generations.
In addition, the channel will offer films with female leads throughout the day, such as Portrait of a Lady, Ophelia, The Daughters of the Reich, Mary, Queen of Scots and Joywith actresses like the Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Daisy Ridley Eddie Izzard or Saoirse Ronan.

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