Could Taylor Swift be the villain in Cruella sequel

United States.- In addition to being one of the most important singers in the world and with the greatest impact today, Taylor Swift has also built a career in actinghaving participations in titles such as ‘Valentine’s Day’ (2010), ‘Cats’ (2019) and ‘Amsterdam’ (2022).

Due to his taste for acting, Taylor has been making space on the big screen with luxury productions and soon he could have his most important appearance to date, this in a sequel to a famous Disney+ movie.

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As reported by media such as Comic book and The Disney InsiderTaylor Swift would have participation in the long-awaited sequel to ‘Cruella’film starring Emma Stone telling the story of Disney’s most iconic villain.

Taylor’s name has resonated to give life to the antagonist in the story of Cruella, but wearing a completely different image from the one everyone is used to, since her appearance would come with an impressive change of look and a very strong personality.

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Rumors suggest that it will be Taylor who gives life to the villain of ‘Cruella 2’, however, it will be a matter of time to know what will happen in this regard, because soon the American singer will embark on the most important tour of her career, ‘The You were Tour’.

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