Cristiano Ronaldo gives sharp response to Messi’s historic rivalry and move to Saudi Arabia

encouraged rivalry that swept the entire football of the planet. Two extremely competitive athletes, two footballers who, in the race for initiation and recognition, raised the bar to excellence. Like few others, they sparked a fight for fame and recognition and in the magical journey they led, they inspired the Spanish League and contributed to the greatness of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the clubs they defended. Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi they reinvented themselves a thousand times to keep individual statistics and with them to support the campaigns of two teams that dominated in the light of their stars.

They were also needed to rewrite history to unleash a race that divided viewers, although, with opposing profiles, they aimed to emphasize the spirit of the game and competition rather than animosity and hatred. Years of bitter and voracious heads-up arguing are archived. Saudi Arabia is home to Portugal and Major League Soccer (MLS), a new home where the Argentine smiles and has fun..

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi last January in a friendly match in Saudi Arabia; rivalry has taken them to the extremeAurelien Meunier2019 – PSG

There are nuances in the FIFA date between the start of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in South America and the continuation of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification in South America. Euro 2024on the Old Continent. On Friday, Portugal will visit Slovakia in the match corresponding to the fifth day of Group J.where the Portuguese hold the pulse, although the Slovaks are the pursuers and, if they win, knock the opponent down.

The figures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi continue to wield power despite the hierarchy of the leagues they operate in, the quality of their rivals and the emergence of players who have already signed up to topple the kings. Arguing about who has dominated or is dominating the stage is a game that takesbut it also destroys, and in this act of exploding the greatness that they have built, the stars do not participate.

“Rivalry with Messi? I don’t see such things. The rivalry is over. It was a good match. Who likes Cristiano doesn’t have to hate Messi, and vice versa.. These are two good or very good players (laughs). They changed the history of football and continue to do so.. We are respected all over the world, this is the most important thing. He does it his way, and I do mine. Whether we’re playing outside of Europe, from what I’ve seen, he’s doing well and I’m doing well too. And the legacy continues. Rivalry? I don’t see such things. We shared the stage for 15 years. I’m not saying that we are friends, but we are professional colleagues and respect each other.“, – said the 38-year-old striker, who is a member of Al-Nasr.

Portuguese leader Cristiano Ronaldo and his team will face Slovakia in Group J of the Euro 2024 qualifying tournament on Friday.Quality Sports Images – Getty Images Europe

Statistics have been Cristiano Ronaldo’s fuel and the 850 goals he has scored for clubs is a source of pride for the Portuguese. “This is a historic milestone. For me, the numbers I achieved were a source of pride. But I want more, the stick must stay here, you must think big.. I thank those who helped me, in clubs and national teams,” said he, who played 200 games for Portugal and celebrated 123 victories.

CR7’s last 26 goals have been scored in Saudi Arabia, a territory that has lured several other European stars into millionaire figures in the latest transfer market. “I knew this was going to happen, I said it six months ago and everyone thought I was crazy. But in the end Crazy isn’t that crazy and it’s okay to play in the Arab League now. It was a great honor for me to change the culture of the country in terms of football and for great stars to go to Saudi Arabia,” he emphasized that he was a pioneer and also a name that attracted N’Golo Kante, Karim Benzema, Sadio Mane, Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Riyad Mahrez, Marcelo Brozovic, Kalidou Koulibaly…

In Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, Cristiano Ronaldo proposes a long-distance fight with Lionel Messi, who is reminiscing about his MLS adventure.YAZID AL-DUWIHI – AFP

This isn’t the first time Cristiano Ronaldo has flattered Messi, whom he called “incredible, magical and the best” last November. The legend of the two players who changed the football map in the Old Continent continues with the same respect as always, albeit in different ways.


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