Cristiano Ronaldo responds to criticism for signing with Arab League Grupo Milenio

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the first stars to say goodbye to European football. and headed to Saudi Arabia, for which he received a lot of criticism from locals and strangers, since the league did not receive much attention in that country.

However, after months other players left elite football and followed Error in Saudi football, so criticism of Cristiano has decreased.

Now, during a press conference, Cristoano Ronaldo spoke about the criticism he received when he left Manchester United and signed for Al Nasr.

“I knew it, I knew it would happen. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it turns out I’m not that crazy after all.“Said the Portuguese goalscorer: “It is a privilege to change the culture of a country and football. I was a pioneer and I’m proud. Most of all, I want him to continue to develop and be at the top.”

“It’s okay to criticize, what league doesn’t have criticism? Where are there no problems and disagreements? Problems are everywhere. Spain or Portugal,” he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to a lie detector if he is the best in the world (AFP)

He later noted that the Arab League was even better than the Portuguese League, where he made his debut.

The Saudi league is even better than the Portuguese one.there is not so much noise and the quality of the names is much better,” said the Al-Nasr striker.

It is also worth mentioning thatIn this transfer market, the Arab League was the second largest investment, behind only the Premier League.

With an investment of $875.4 million, the Saudi Pro League has stars other than Cristiano Ronaldo such as Neymar, Karim Benzema, N’golo Kante and Sadio Mane among others who come from Ligue 1, Spanish League, Premier League. and the Bundesliga, all of them from the top European league.


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