Criticism of “Perhaps forever”, the frivolity of adult romantic relationships

There are many interpretations of what love is, but since it is something abstract and intangible, full of nuances and emotions, we have no other choice as a society than to turn this feeling into a social construct which simplifies and usually dictates how it should be lived. . “Maybe forever”by Michael Jacobs, comically explores the phenomenon of romantic love in adults without affective responsibility, confused and immature, however, the plasticity of its script and the abusive use of monologues make the film bland and waste a great cast.

The film explores three adult couples, one younger than the other two. Michelle (Emma Roberts) and Allen (Luke Bracey) are young and live their love with some reservations, but they want to be together for a long time; Howard (Richard Gere) and Grace (Diane Keaton) are Michelle’s parents and they are not going through the best moment of their marriage, as are Allen’s parents, Monica (Susan Sarandon) and Sam (William H. Macy). The most surprising and unexpected thing for everyone is the extramarital affairs that Michelle’s parents have with Allen’s; Sam with Grace and Monica with Howard.

It’s a shame when actors with a great career are made available to a conventional narrative, aimlessly and only with thematic flashes; a sad waste. Each of these actors, with their charisma, make an effort to keep afloat a film that only frivolizes adult romantic relationships with empty and redundant dialogues. In addition, the characters are not solidly built either, as they are reduced to childish caricatures with immature and plastic visions of relationships.

The comedy relies on exaggerated dialogues and actions, which quickly tire the viewer. Perhaps the comedy and ensemble acting would have worked wonderfully as a segment on “Saturday Night Live” or some Talk Show, but as a nearly two-hour film, it delivers a dry, monochrome experience, with predictable resolution and no apparent change in color. characters.

Love is lived in different ways. We tend to be the perfect person for someone and respond to needs and wants temporarily. Regularly love does not have a validity, but the time shared together, and when that time succumbs, it is best to talk and make the best decision without harming each other. The characters in this film do not understand it that way, since for one situation or another, they prefer the putrid game of infidelity and disloyalty.

“Perhaps forever” does not know how to handle a great cast that tries to rescue the disaster with its charisma and extraordinary chemistry. This film is an aimless, simplistic proposal with little narrative grace.

“Perhaps forever” is now available in theaters. Cover image courtesy of Corazon Films.

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