Cycle of Bielsa, Suarez and Cavani in the national team and praise for Tabares

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Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca analyzed what will happen with Marcelo Bielsa at the head of Uruguay, the situation of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, praised Maestro Tabares and talked about the opportunities that he had to lead in our country.

Gareca, who was interviewed by “Esto es Fútbol” (Carve Deportiva, 10.10), began by talking about the upcoming qualifiers and what Loko will bring to Celeste: “Uruguay is going to live a stage that can be taken advantage of, he is not a coach Anyone, everyone know him from his career.

“They will watch a team that is a bit more active than usual,” he later admitted of his colleague: “It tends to have that characteristic, something positive, because Uruguay has great players. They have always had a winning mentality and I feel like the fans will love it. In addition, he will wake up or may set a trend for the Uruguayan coaches.”

“Everyone sees Uruguay as a young team with promising players,” he mused, and went on to talk about Suarez and Cavani: “A striking feature of Bielsa is that his teams are very intense, and it would be necessary to see if they still have this characteristic.

“Sometimes experienced players know how to manage the field, deal with physical fatigue and run enough. Perhaps these players can be questioned due to their age, but as long as they remain in power, if desired, they can be useful in several qualifying matches, ”he concluded.

teacher with care

Gareka, during the conversation he was asked about Oscar Washington Tabares, and he said: “He created a school, we all used him in a certain sense as a model, in addition to the playing style that will remain in each of them.”

“He is a benchmark in his driving, education, what is needed for communication, self-expression. A very respected person and one of the best coaches on the continent,” he said.

Finally, he mentioned his chances of coming to Uruguay as a coach and said: “There was some interest, I even talked to straight people, but there was nothing concrete about entering the negotiating field. Everything was always very superficial, there was never anything concrete. In order to get to know each other, nothing more than greeting each other, viewing our situations. They didn’t let me see a specific interest.”

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