Daaz shares his experience of adding more than one hit to his new album

Mexican urban musician Daaz talks about his experiences on the Caribbean coast and everyday life in his album German VS DAAZ.

Daaz was born in Mexico City but lives in Cancun where he grew up from the age of two. He started rapping, or “freestyle” as he calls it, with friends. So he met producers and other artists. In 2018, he had his first live performances, after which he temporarily moved to the capital and Monterrey.

“It’s usually accepted to grow up in Cancun, and when you want to make a professional move, you leave,” he said in a video link interview from Mexico City.

As a child, he listened to electronic pop such as Tiësto, Avicii and David Guetta, then delved into rap and hip hop in English and Spanish. He doesn’t listen to reggaeton that often, although he likes it at parties. Daaz did not study music at the conservatory, he declares himself a member of the “YouTube school”.

“Producing and writing songs is something that has always been given to me. Gradually I honed my technique,” ​​he said.

Regarding his albums “El rey de la selva”, EP “Caribe 4 Life” and “German VS DAAZ” he co-produced their songs as he says he enjoys collaborating. “I could sit down and record my record myself, on my computer, but I don’t really like it,” he said. “I like to create synergy with the producer.”

The oldest songs on the German VS DAAZ are dated late 2021, like many of them are dated 2022, with the exception of “I can’t fucking be together”, which has long been stored in a drawer.

“Utopia”, another song from the album, was heard on social media and radio in Mexico. He has a video filmed in the capital, in which he appears surrounded by flowers. The song states that the things he desires existed, such as being able to drink without a hangover.

“He talks about what an ideal world should be like, but at the end of the day it’s not perfect because it doesn’t have that person,” he said.

“Two Hit Wonder”, whose title refers to an artist with two very popular songs, was created after his 2019 “Hakuna Matata” and 2021’s “Te marqué pedo”, which he performs with Alex Luna and remixes with Christian Nodal. .

“I went from a one-hit wonder to a two-hit wonder,” he noted of the impact of the two songs.

“Motel California” with Sabino from his latest album has already earned him his third hit with 6.6 million views on YouTube since its release in March.

“The song is about you inviting someone to a motel,” he said. “I obviously mentioned the Eagles… It’s a song (song), even if you don’t like the genre, you know what it is.”

Ingratax and Bastian are her guests on “I Need a Break from So Much (Profanity)”, which she released last year as a single. In it, he asks to give him a break. He says he wrote it during a “dark” period in his life, when he was on tour and feeling confused.

In the song “I Can’t Be Together” he sings with Callejo, one of the first artists he met in his career, a friend and former brother-in-law.

“He was with my sister, but from the very beginning I told them both: “You are my sister and you are my partner, and if at some point something happens between you, I will continue to make music with you, and you are going to continue be my sister,” she said.

In the song “Let the World End”, there is a verse that has caused controversy as he says that he is fed up with abortions and advocacy of life. Daaz said he was criticized for this.

“I shoot what they are fighting among themselves. If one wants to be pro-abortion, be pro-abortion, if the other wants to be pro-abortion, be pro-life,” he explained. “I feel like ultimately the law should make life easier for both parties, because that’s what the law is supposed to do.”

In “Let the World End, Please” he also says that sex education is lacking and that he would like to create an AIDS vaccine; and in “Utopia” this STD did not exist. Urban music tends to romanticize insecure relationships. The reality in places like Cancun and the Riviera Maya, where there is so much nightlife and casual encounters, is different.

“It’s more relevant,” Daaz said of HIV. “We can send rockets to the moon, but years later we can’t find a cure for something serious?”

Daaz will soon be featured in concerts in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Querétaro, Puebla, Monterrey and Tijuana.

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