Dakota Johnson could be the prototype for the Sue Storm of the MCU

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speaking for the podcast The Hot Micinformation leaker Jeff Sneider claimed that the star of Fifty Shades of Grey and Madame Web, dakota johnsonis the Marvel Studios prototype for the sue storm of the Fantastic four from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Apparently, the studio is looking for a Johnson-type actress who is also around 30-35 years old.

As for the Fantastic Four, I mean… When we were talking about their age… Sue Storm’s age… And we said they were going to start building around Sue Storm. And then I brought up Saoirse Ronan, and someone else came up, and said that Saoirse looked a little too young… So we’re looking at the 30-35-year-old range, and from what I understand, Dakota Johnson is the prototype.

First of all, you have to understand that this information is far from being official, and it has not been verified in any way that it is real, beyond coming from the mouth of someone who is dedicated to leaking movie details to the press.

That said, this information comes after previous reports that Marvel Studios intend to hire the actress who plays Sue Storm first. Then, from there, they would build the rest of the team. Apparently, the intention is to already have the cast ready to start filming in early 2024.

Continuing the Dakota Johnson theme, Sneider made it clear that just because she’s the prototype doesn’t mean the studio is looking to cast her or someone physically the same as her.

But no, obviously, it’s not going to be Dakota Johnson, because she’s Madame Web. And that’s something that, I think, is in the process of additional photography right now. So she’s not going to be Dakota Johnson. Dakota Johnson is 32, I think, so does that mean they’re looking for a white woman? Not necessarily. But you know, I think in an ideal world, they would like someone like Dakota Johnson.

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