Dallas fans mocking Lionel Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo as a dagger

Inter Miami rivals make locals feel like they’re in the League Cup Round of 16

Meeting Dallas due to Inter Miami marked the opening of the 1/8 finals league cup for the cast Lionel Messi in his first game outside of Florida, and the local fans were already showing the first signs of hostility towards the best player in the world around the stadium. Toyota Stadiumnot to mention that many even wore merchandising from herons or the Argentine team out of admiration for La Pulga.

After the tickets were sold out in 18 minutes, an important basis was expected to encourage the team that exists in its ranks to Alan Velasco. Even a few minutes after the first whistle, the fans continued to wait at the entrance until the last moments under the sunset. Texas and coverage by a journalist Diego Monroig V ESPN managed to catch different opinions, among which mocking singing with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The reporter warned about some people who arranged a characteristic honoring of the forward Al Nasr followed by “Sioux”, a word popularized by the five-time winner Golden Ball. “Messi, it was your last day in the League Cup.“, warned one of those gathered in Dallas with the peculiarity that he had a kit Querétaro from Mexico.

The rest of the audience sang an unequivocal song, facing the microphones of the Argentine signal. To the beat “Cristiano Ronaldo”they heated the previous one and Monroig brought it back with subtlety: “But who has the world championship?”. In the middle, several Brazilians slipped through, mixed with the constant support of the Argentines, who predicted a good game from Leoand even some have been asked to predict the possibility of triplets.

This situation was easily reminiscent of what happened after the initial defeat of the Argentina national team by Saudi Arabia at the World Cup in Qatar. “Where is Messi?” (Where’s Messi?), was a phrase repeated over and over again by Saudi travelers after his surprise winning debut. The end is known. March in full swing to win the title in Lusail Stadium before France.

Later there was a moment at the insistence of the fans Querétaro. Followers roosters white They discussed the possibility of crossing this opponent in the semi-finals of the competition, and another person assured that he was visiting the stadium for the sole purpose of eliminating the away team: “Tickets were very expensive. I hope it’s worth it and Messi will lose. I paid a ticket to see him lose“.

Immediately, Charlotte or Houston Dynamo will be next up against Inter Miami or Dallas in the quarter-finals of a tournament that qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions League. On the other hand, the Hispanic roster must face the New England Revolution and their next hurdle will be the Philadelphia Union or New York Red Bull.

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