Daniel Sosa ended friendship with Ricardo O’Farrill due to mental health

Daniel Sosa ended his friendship with Ricardo O’Farrill due to a manic-depressive episode he had (Screenshot/YouTube Ricardo O’Farrill)

Ricardo O’Farrill He is currently recovering from a manic depressive episode and he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which caused an uproar in the world get up for the accusations he made against his colleagues.

One of the people he was talking about was Daniel Sosawhom he accused of allegedly drugging the young woman with MDMA during the party. Richie He has already denied this, assuring that he had no control over what he said during the mental health crisis and apologizing to colleagues for the damage caused by his false statements.

Daniel had already forgiven O’Farrill, but admitted that he chose to push him away because he didn’t want to keep hurting him emotionally. Saga.

Daniel Sosa ended his friendship with Richie O’Farrill after a manic-depressive episode. Credit: Saga.

“It gave me a big shock because I said, ‘Whether we were best friends or not, everything he says is not true’ (…) Let’s talk about it head-on, I told him:”I am very angrywhat you did wrong, you ruined a lot of my career for what it occurred to you to say, I am very glad that you are much healthier, more stable, but I can’t be your friend anymore‘”

From this, even though they were very close at the time and Daniel thanks Ricardo for the boost he gave him in the world of comedy in Mexico, he clarified that he would distance himself from him due to his mental health.

“For the sake of me and my mental and emotional health, this my emotional and affective responsibility put restrictions in this relationship, otherwise I will end up taking care of a disease that is not mine and I am not going to play it, I have taken great care of myself, why would I take care of something that is not mine? belongs to me?” he shared.

Ricardo is currently being treated by professionals (Instagram/@richieofarrill)

Sosa added that the last time he saw him, he realized that O’Farrill’s health was much better than a few months ago, making him happy, but he was determined to keep some distance from the host. yum yum extravaganza.

For this reason, Daniel asked the Internet users not to throw in his face Richie how his allegations have affected others, it is better that you send him messages of support, because he is still recovering and needs to be accompanied.

“In life, I will speak badly of Ricardo, on the contrary, I encourage people who watch this to send a lot of love to their networks so that they clearly support him, because he is at a time when what you need is lovethe comedian said.

Then Ricardo accused several people of committing even crimes that would not have happened (Instagram/@richieofarrill)

Although Daniel stressed that the statements Richie during a manic depressive episode they really affected his career, he chose to forgive him because at one point they were great friends and he doesn’t want what happened to be a burden on him.

“I forgave my mother, who left me at the age of seven … If life has taught me something, it’s letting go, I can’t live with ballast No matter how much people hurt me, I have to take responsibility.”

Sosa mentioned that the accusations did not arise from one moment to the next, but something that grew, even other colleagues realized that Ricardo’s behavior was changing.

Sosa forgave Daniel, remembering everything he went through as a child (Instagram/@danielsosafado/@yaracavazos)

He added that what happened at the wedding was a petty situation, it wasn’t a scandal at the time, things exploded later when O’Farrill started broadcasting live.

It was a confusing moment for all his colleagues, as Ricardo was known to be a respectful person.

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