Dark Trauma Adele Exarchopoulos

The Republic does not stand alone. French cinema reminds us of this year after year with films about doctors and policemen, nurses for people on the autism spectrum, etc. In this case, it is the world restorative justice, mediation, a concept that has infiltrated everything for some time now, at work, in education and in justice.

We have seen victim and terrorist programs, but here we are talking about ordinary criminals. On the one hand, there is a group of three perpetrators who agree to meet with three other indirect victims. under the supervision of intermediaries, good people, often volunteers who bake cakes. They can even be retired Jean-Pierre Darroussin, kindness in the face. For another, there are other types of rapprochement between victims and direct perpetrators, as in the case Adele Exarchopoulos and his own brother in fiction.

A simple film, with two intersecting storylines, show that intermediaries are doing a good job. We know in advance that perpetrators are likely to learn not to relapse, that victims will recover from injury, and that even the most severe wounds will heal. but this a road that we don’t mind walking.

It’s about landing stars: Miu-Miu, Leila Bekhti (fan), Gilles Lelouch, Elodie Boucher, Denis Podalydes… We should hand over the list to find out who was missing. Jeanne Herry this is the result of studying the world of adoption (In good hands, 800,000 spectators in France), leads tactfully, emphasizing that unmistakable French friendliness. which even the most hardened criminals brag about.

After all, art feel good movie This is what our neighbors have honed in many films, and Although this is a formula, it does not fail and usually leads to success.


  • Director:

    Jeanne Herry

  • Floor:


  • A country:


  • Short description:

    Three criminals convicted of robbery with violence meet with their victims, left without a bag. Meanwhile, an incestuous rape victim is interested in a restorative justice system.

  • Script: Jeanne Herry

    Distribution: Adele Exarchopoulos, Gilles Lelouch, Elodie Boucher, Miu-Miou, Leila Bekti

    Duration: 118 min.

    Verdict: French film stars for restorative justice.

    Distributor: Adventure

    Premiere: 08.09.2023

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