David Ayer continues to defend Jared Leto’s Joker and criticize Warner Bros. for tampering with Suicide Squad

David Ayer continues to defend Jared Leto's Joker and criticize Warner Bros. for tampering with Suicide Squad

David Ayer continues to defend Jared Leto’s Joker and criticize Warner Bros. for tampering with Suicide Squad

In 2016, fans of the fledgling DC Extended Universe were very excited about the release of two films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (27%) was the first, which hit theaters in March, and Suicide Squad (25 ) hit theaters in August. Both were panned by critics, with director David Ayer saying that he accepted all criticism. However, a couple of years later he admitted on his social networks that the rumors were true, the film had been modified by Warner Bros. since they wanted to avoid another disaster like that of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justicewhich was accused of being too dark and depressive.

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One of the characters that would have been most affected by the studio’s changes would be the Joker, played by Jared Leto. According to Ayer, in his original cut he gave an excellent performance, worthy of an Oscar. In the past, the filmmaker has been reproached for having offered the worst Joker in movie history, but he always shields himself by saying that everything negative that can be said about the character is due to the version edited by Warner Bros. Now, when being attacked by a user with these words “Leto’s Joker was the biggest disappointment since crystal pepsi”, he replied as usual:

That’s what happens when you chop up a performance and a character arc. Sorry, that’s all you were allowed to see. Now your mind is closed to the truth.

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With the release of the director’s cut of Justice League (41%) in 2021, hopes were raised for david yesterday so that your cut of Suicide Squad see the light, but so far we have no news about it, except that he recently said in a tweet that he spoke with James Gunn, the new co-president of DC Studios, and said that he had to be patient.

Suicide Squad received mixed reviews when it was released. Some critics praised the cast and performances, especially Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn, and also the film’s music and aesthetics. However, the film’s plot was also criticized, which was considered confusing and unclear at points, and also the pacing, which felt uneven and rushed. Additionally, some critics felt that the film failed to exploit the full potential of the anti-heroes.

A sequel directed by was released in 2021 James Gunn, and directing was one of the highlights of the film. His style and tone were praised by many and considered to be a perfect fit for the story. One of the returning characters from the first installment was Harley Quinn, and Robbie’s performance was considered one of the film’s highlights, being described as funny and entertaining.

after directing Suicide Squad david yesterday He has directed other films such as Bright (31%) (2017) and The Tax Collector (25%) (2020). Bright is a fantasy action movie that takes place in a world where humans coexist with fantastic creatures like orcs and elves. The plot follows a human police officer and his orc partner as they try to find a dangerous magical item that could endanger society.

The Tax Collector is a crime film that follows a tax collector in Los Angeles who works for a local crime lord. The film received mixed reviews, but some criticism focused on Shia LaBeouf’s performance as the title character. In general, what was done by Yesterday after Suicide Squad it has received mixed reviews.

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