Death Calls, the new lesbian role of Rachel Weisz, who killed us

Nobody has higher hopes than a lesbian who starts a series that has lesbian character.

Little is said about the hours we spend in front of the screen, swallowing hours and hours of extremely boring stories, until finally there is a microsecond when two girls step into action (at best, what series have we seen, where not even this, where Platonic love or a lesbian drama star in the script).

It was a very difficult moment. Dead ringers (Incomparable), strange series Amazon Prime. What made us see this? Rachel Weisz. What lesbian doesn’t love Rachel Weisz? If that’s not your case, it’s time to bring back the lesbian card.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Rachel as a lesbian. We were lucky to see her with Rachel McAdams in disobedience, a masterful film directed by Sebastian Lelo. These two wonderful actresses (I don’t know which one I like better), former lovers, meet again years later in the environment of the Orthodox Jewish community. Disobedience is not just a work of art. This leaves us with some very successful sex scenes in between.

After Naughty, we fell in love with the idea of ​​seeing Weiss again as a lesbian. But… get ready.

Death Calls (2023) – 6-episode mini-series. It tells the story of two twins, the Mantle sisters (Rachel Weisz). One of them is a lesbian, but she is so shy that the other seeks out and seduces her lovers by impersonating her.

Does this seem strange to you? The truth is that it is less rare. The sisters are gynecologists, they have a rather toxic relationship with each other, and they want to revolutionize the way women give birth and get pregnant. They do this by crossing all the boundaries of ethics.

lesbian relationship it starred Rachel Weisz and Canadian actress Britne Aldford (American Horror Story). They fall in love and try to have a normal love story, but it won’t be easy.

Criticism is highly divided. You will be able to read that it is amazing, provocative, feminist (on this we agree) and bold. In our case, we felt a strong desire to die and repeated to ourselves over and over: “Not everything goes! We can’t swallow anything just because of the lesbian stories.”

But don’t worry… we’ll likely swallow the next mess and of course warn you.

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