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HOUSTON – A night of happiness turned deadly tragedy for 20-year-old Jacob Lewis, who died on Highway 69 on his way home.

The young man had gone with his sister to the concert that he had been waiting for so long, on Friday night, when, according to the police, the car began to fail him and he got out to push it, but in that attempt he was killed by an allegedly drunk driver.

Pilot ends up in critical condition after crash

The suspect was identified by police as 34-year-old Alan Bryan Hayes, whose bail was increased from $90,000 to $120,000 by the judge.

According to prosecutors, Hayes initially left the scene but was later arrested.

The suspect barricaded himself in his home.

Initial bail of $90,000 included $20,000 for drunk driving and $70,000 for failure to stop, but prosecutors argued Monday that Hayes has a record of drunk driving, making it his third DWI.

The young man’s family is devastated, his sister relives memories of the last moments they lived together and that they were very happy, while the father still cannot believe that his son is dead due to the bad decisions of others while driving drunk.

Shows of support

Meanwhile, the news has moved the thousands of followers of Taylor Swift who have turned to financial support to support the family with the expenses of the funerals.

They have done it in a very significant way, contributing $13 each, since that is a special number for the singer.

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