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The world of fashion and trends is constantly reinventing itself, but reinventing itself does not mean including new things. Many of these updates simply recover elements that already exist but to which they are given a differential touch. This is the case of ‘Coquette hair’.

And you will ask yourself… What does ‘Coquette hair’ consist of? The also known as ‘flirty hair’ is a new viralized trend thanks to TikTok which consists of decorating the hair as it has traditionally been done for girls: braids, pigtails, bows, fabrics and other elements that propose a more childlike appearance.

On TikTok we can already find thousands of tutorials with very different looks, but perhaps the one that is being used the most for this ‘coquette hair’ is the use of a braid on each side, with braided ribbons to decorate the drawing of the hair. At the end of the braid, you will have to finish with a loop that covers the elastic. The hairstyle influencer Isabelle Coronado (@itsoizzie) shows us how to do it:

@itsoizzie ribbons>> #hair #hairstyle #coquette #coquettehairstyles #hairstyles #easyhairstyles ♬ original sound – ash💀 ( best sped up ) – 𝖠 𝖲 𝖧 𝖤 𝖤 𝖸 音

However, hair decoration has been in style in other times and in all ages, even going back to the 18th century with powdered and sometimes decorated wigs. Now it has been the catwalks that have given prominence to this new trend (Chanel in AW22 either Dior in SS23), but social networks have not taken long to echo and on Tiktok you can already find thousands of these videos under the trend #coquettehairstyles. The hashtag already accumulates more than 10 million views.

In the current context, the coquette hair it is linked to the feminine and is being recovered in a context for women in which they claim the option of not abandoning their femininity. The truth is that it is an option with the aim of giving color and vitality to each look, in a very versatile and customizable style.

Such is the impact of this trend that hailey bieber has resorted to this style recently for the birthday party of Justin Bieber, her husband. The model and influencer opted for two small braids at the middle of the head, collected with four small pale pink bows.

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