Demi Moore boasts ‘bikini body’ at 60 on a yacht in Greek waters

Actress Demi Moore enjoy a holiday in paradise beaches from Greeceon board luxury yacht.

ribbon star Ghost, shadow of love boasted of his fit figure at the age of 60 with bikini light green, with vertex thick straps and a stylish neckline halter.

He swimsuit The two-piece suit she wore is on sale for $94 online at Onia, which is also worn by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Katy Perry and Sofia Richie.

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Demi Moore swam in the waters of the Greek islands. Photo: Grosby Group

From my She paired her beach outfit with a blue circle pendant and sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Except actress she styled her black hair in a high bun and showed her face without a drop of makeup.

Demmy Moor He went to Greece to swim in its waters, in the company of his friends Andreas and Athanasia Steggos. Relationship actress She is so close to the couple that she is godmother to her youngest daughter.

A few days before, the Hollywood star and Steggo also took a ride on a yacht with dollars from Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazon and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

actress enjoyed lunch on a $500 million ship Bezos and he even took his dog Pilaf with him on the tour.

The photos came to light after it was revealed that Sinead O’Connor wanted him to Demmy Moor play her in a film about her life. As reported, the singer was convinced by the fact that on the film Soldier Jane he looked a lot like her when he shaved.

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