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Aging is a natural phase that many women fear for various reasons; however, artists such as Demi Moore, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and Chenoa show that after 50, you can still wear toned bodies as if you were reliving your 30s.

Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Chenoa amaze with their age

As Telva posted, these celebrities talk about eating a balanced diet and exercising in their own way to get body contours that have an impact on social media.

For example, the oldest on this list is actress Demi Moore, who is 60 years old, but on her Instagram she showed how she celebrated US Independence Day in a two-piece swimsuit, in which she not only looked sensual, but even allowed herself to jump on an air mattress in the middle of the lagoon, like he was 20 or 30 years old.

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Mexican actress Salma Hayek has never been ashamed of her 56-year-old body, and during this vacation she posted on her networks photos in a swimsuit that show how well the years have treated her, according to Cosmopolitan.

As for Jennifer Lopez, the 54-year-old singer and actress posted a series of photos on her Instagram in which she poses in sensual lingerie that emphasizes her curves and toned silhouette.

While Argentinian singer Chenoa is also cheering at 48, and the fact is that in a recent photo, she looks younger than ever in an adorable two-piece swimsuit printed in black and white squares.

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