Demi Rose: It was the most difficult moment in the life of the model


Surely those who come DemiRose they can imagine nothing but a life of perfection; However, the UK’s biggest content creator has revealed that not all of her life has been carefree.

The model of the most popular adult app teaches her followers to share their luxurious tastes with her and travel to different parts of the world.

His name is one of the most popular on social media as he recently shared some scenes from his life that show the hardest part of his life.

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Demi Rose had a difficult childhood

You can look at the luxurious and glamorous life of the model in her social networks; However, the 27-year-old Briton uses her social networks not only for show your beauty and majesty the sites you visit; he also uses them as a means of sincere contact with his fans.

It was at one of these meetings with her fans that the girl opened her heart and told difficult moments What he had to go through as a teenager.

And that’s it for From my Her modeling career is a blessing, because since childhood she wanted to be a model, although for a long time this dream was turned off, because while she was growing up, she suffered from School bullying.

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“I always wanted to get into modeling and when I finally got there I called it a blessing because I grew up being bullied and didn’t have many friends,” she told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Another difficult moment he went through was departure of his parents almost constantly, a situation she had to deal with from a very young age that helped her mature and understand new things.

This was in 2019, when 7 months In contrast, both of her parents had died, so she immediately locked herself in to deal with her grief and sadness. It was a “moment of reflection,” Rose said.

“I had to deal with my parents’ house and sell their things, it was a very sad place for me. I wanted to go and travel, but I was in London for three months, which was a long time to face what happened and it was time for reflection,” he said.

Thus DemiRose opened up my heart and opened up what was the hardest time in their lives.

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