Demi Rose shows off her buttocks in a translucent dress in Turkey

DemiRose enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation Türkiye and through social media, he shared some of the details.

In my recent update instagramThe British model has shared a video of her flaunting her amazing curvaceous silhouette while wearing a light dress. a transparent dress with leopard print.

used to the style without a bra chiffon maxi dress, exposing thong linen, with a small cutout on the back, a deep neckline squarethin straps and cutout at the hip.

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Rose showed her face painted with shades of tan, lips nakedslightly smoky eyelids, black mascara and pink blush on the cheekbones.

For her part, she styled her hair in wavy strands, braided it behind her head, and sported simple bangs.

Under the video, Demi wrote: “Welcome to the enchanting country of Cappadocia, a unique place in Turkey that promises to take you on a journey through surreal landscapes, ancient history and unforgettable experiences. So of course I had to visit him!”

In his stories, he shared photos and videos of his long days on the beach and relaxing in a popular hotel. Cave Goat where she stayed with her best friend Ruby Kelly and from where he enjoyed the famous balloon shows.

His updates come after he said in instagram who have adopted a new lifestyle, with more daily exercise and a more balanced diet.

“Healthy, hydrated, I exercise every day, feel balanced and grateful. It’s good to be home!” wrote influencers.

According to information from daily mailRose works on her figure, which is the main reason for her worldwide fame, with strenuous exercises that include hip work, squats and jumps, alternating a balanced diet rich in fish, vegetables and nuts.

In the same way, she leaves most of her beauty to aesthetic procedures that help her improve her beauty, eliminate facial imperfections, reduce cellulite and confirm his famous butt. On social media, he usually shares his aesthetic sessions openly.

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