Design of short nails that are worn in spring 2023

The nails short They’re not in style lately. In fact, the trend in nails for Spring-Summer 2023 dictates manicures decidedly impractical but highly imaginative, decorated with 3D designs and applications. Who thinks that the nail art they are reserved only for those who have enough space for elaborate designs and are thinking of surrendering to the clutches cardi style B., however, they can rest easy. No need to go complex gel reconstructions. As many famousthere is an appetite for change and a desire for more simplicity in the environment. kim kardashianfor example, has been wearing a nude manicure definitely minimalist in total contrast to the look of her sisters.

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Kim Kardashian.

Just take a look at the profile of instagram of tom bachikthe famous nail artistto see how many stars prefer to opt for a style most essential. From Nicola Peltz, who is a fan of the lip gloss manicureto Selena Gomezgoing by Michelle Williamswhich recently wore very short nails ruby colored for the DGA Awards.

Have short nails does not necessarily mean having to give up a elaborate nail art. As the manicurist demonstrates Betina Goldstein there are many designs that are perfectly suited to short lengths while still being original and elegant. The first step, of course, is always take care of hands, removing the cuticles and using the file, glass or cardboard, to give the desired shape. You can choose, according to taste, between a more rounded and another between square and round, obtained without sharpening the corners too much. After using a nourishing oil, simply apply a clear base coat and voilà, your hands are ready to decorate. Next, seven proposals sophisticated but also fun and colourful, perfect for short nails.

What nails are in this spring 2023?

Nude-based nails and microdaisies

A pink base and a flower on each nail: it is a nail Design easy to create, also suitable for beginners. All you need is a simple pointer (a tool to trace small spheres with colored paint) and use different colors for each flower.

Nails with bright graphics

The fine brilliant streaks are created with a precision brush made especially for the nail art.** **To practice, simply draw lines on a piece of masking tape to preview the end result. For a good result, it is essential to choose a nail polish with very fine glitterso that the design remains well pigmented.

Nails with water drops effects

Hands look wet, but actually transparent drops they are gel A simple but theatrical decoration, designed by the same nail artist who created the manicure to match the iconic look that Doja Cat wore at the recent haute couture show in schiaparelli.

nails with clouds

The shaded base in pastel tones is decorated with White clouds and adorned with bright touches reminiscent of the glow of a sunset: a design that requires the hand of an expert capable of creating impeccable shades, inspired precisely by the colors cotton candy.

What nail color is worn in spring 2023?

Full Color Freestyle Nails

The base (in this case gel) shows off two different color tones, while each nail is decorated with a different motif. It is a manicure based on daring combinations of only apparently contrasting tones, complemented with stylized illustrations.

Full color nails with smiley

just choose one or more colors for the base (in this case some nails are covered with glitter polish) and then trace the smilies smiling. A fun idea that can also be done effortlessly at home, as long as you get stickers Of nails to apply before top coat.

Nails with color pop

The surprise effect is achieved by choosing Two colors that contrast, in this case the mustard and the bright pink. Although the nuances can vary according to preferences, for an impeccable look, regardless of the tones used, it is essential that you first get a thorough manicure to remove cuticles and hydrate hands well.

Article originally published in Vogue Italia, Adapted by Amira Saim.

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