Destroy bodies in the name of beauty

Shortly before Silvina Luna was placed in intensive care, she posted a video on her Instagram account showing off her new haircut. He received hundreds of comments, most of which were about his face and age. There were so many messages that the next day he wrote down as he indicated: “This is me, no makeup, no filters, no fillers. Many years ago I stopped doing this. I wanted to comment because Yesterday I got very violent messages and I’m more tanned there, but there are a lot of teenage girls there, and no, such a harmful message can kill them.“.

It is not enough to host television shows, act in comedies, or write a book that tells the story of your life, marked by the negligence of a false surgeon. In addition to all this, system requires reach 43 years old – Silvina’s age – without wrinkles, with a strong body and a real smile, despite the pain and time when she had to be treated with methacrylate, which more than a decade ago helped the model to have a butt, as television claimed to him.

Throughout history, advances in women’s empowerment have grown and expanded, but social demands remained unmoved. And with the advent of social media, everything related to beauty and aesthetics has grown exponentially: filters to hide dark circles, effects to hide wrinkles, photoshop to eliminate what in the eyes of others is imperfections, and the ability to openly comment on what is happening. naked bodies: someone’s opinion of someone.

Even on Women’s Day, Friendship Day or Mother’s Day, beauty salons offer a two-for-one reduction in body fat by wrapping “difficult” body parts in plaster, injecting fluids, and massaging with wooden rollers. They sell treatments that promise to erase stretch marks and reduce cellulite. They offer quick fixes illustrated with before and after pictures of the person. who passed the aesthetic office.

Interventions are not a new topic, however, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), in their latest study, has assured that body modification procedures such as abdominoplasty, Buttock augmentation and liposuction increased by 63%.

“From your investment, we will create your best version” says the slogan of Anibal Ruben Lototsky on his Instagram profile. Does living with hypercalcemia due to excess calcium in the blood, kidney failure and dialysis make a better person? Why can people like Lototsky pretend to be medical professionals so casually? Why is the person responsible for the death of the moon and the cause of the illness of so many other patients on the loose?

In fact, Silvina did not want big buttocks, but wanted to work on television, which she had dreamed of since childhood. “the environment is very demanding”said this in an interview with Susana Jimenez, where she also asked to talk about the ideal of body beauty.

On another occasion, already tired of dialysis, Rosario asked her followers: “How many things do we do to achieve the ideals of beauty, putting our lives and health at risk?”. She was accused of undergoing procedures recommended to her by colleagues with an alleged famous surgeon who, after her name was known to have caused damage to the Moon and more, suggested that the notion of malpractice was being abused.

In Argentina every fourth doctor is accused of the wrong procedure. According to reports from Seguros Médicos of the Observatory of the Libre de Derecho department, the number of studies in the health sector has increased by 20% over the past five years, and the most condemned sectors are plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, traumatology and bariatric surgery. y Salud and the Observatory of Bioethics and Decision Making of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

The mistake lies not in wanting to look different, but in the ease with which we talk about aesthetic procedures, misinformation, cruelty in the speech of others and the perversity of the countless Lothotskys who charge large sums of money to destroy bodies in the name of beauty.

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