Detective Pikachu’ is officially launched

in 2019 Pokémon: Detective Pikachu did 449 million dollars at the box office. It wasn’t bad and it didn’t make a bad impression on fans either, who blessed this first live action project dedicated to the popular creatures from Nintendo. detective pikachu was loosely based on one of the brand’s most unknown games, and in order to recreate its world it chose ryan reynolds to give voice to a talking Pikachu who loved coffee and was also a detective.

An explosive mix, and after the resulting box office it was logical to expect that Warner and Legendary Entertainment would want to coordinate again to make the sequel. However, this did not come to fruition immediately, going through various impasses until Justice Smiththe human protagonist of the first installment, said he believed that detective pikachu 2 would not go ahead. Deadline echoes, now, that the movie has picked up steam, and has officially kicked off.

Chris Galletta writes his script based on the film of Rob Lettermanand Legendary is looking for director to Jonathan Krisel. Krisel comes from Saturday night Live and has not yet directed any film: he has worked on the series baskets with Zach galifianakis and in portlandia with Fred Armisenplacing him on the path to lead another project that, as detective pikachu 2, had been in limbo for a long time. It is about the movie Sesame Street with Anne Hathawaywhich is supposed to be running as well.

Banner of the series 'The concierge Pokémon'.

As for the sequel to detective pikachu, only Galletta is confirmed as a screenwriter. Negotiations with Krisel have not ended, and although the intention is for Reynolds to voice the yellow mouse again, nothing has been confirmed. The original film had Kathryn Newton (recently viewed on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania), Bill Nighy and ken watanabe as flesh and blood interpreters outside of Smith, and it is not yet known if they could return.

The development of detective pikachu 2 coincides with Netflix’s intention to contribute to the Nintendo saga, since in 2021 it announced a live action series (apart from the imminent The Pokemon Janitor). These projects coincide with a sweet spot like any other for the franchise (it has been at the top for decades), but decisive: beyond the launch of Scarlet Pokemon and Purplethe long-lived anime of Pokemon recently showed Ash Ketchum winning the pokemon league.

Since the reboot corresponding already has confirmed protagonists (Liko and Roy) and will arrive throughout this year, the sequel to detective pikachu begins to take shape at the best possible time.

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