Devin Booker Dating Jenna Ortega?

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Fans continue to speculate about the Phoenix Suns star’s relationship status. Devin Bookerand recently there were rumors that he was dating a 20-year-old actress, Jenna Ortega. Booker’s marital status has been intriguing NBA fans ever since he broke up with the model. Kendall Jenner in November last year.

A parody Twitter account called Batkrak Sport posted a viral tweet saying that Booker and Ortega were seen at dinner in March. However, these reports are false. A photo of Booker with Ortega, uploaded by the parody account, suggests it was photoshopped.

Devin Booker’s photo was selected from the Vogue World event and Ortega’s photo from the Red Carpet Fashion Award. They also used the TMZ watermark to make it look believable. However, this is not the case.

Booker has reportedly remained single following his split from Jenner. Meanwhile, Ortega appeared before the audience during a speech at Chair Expert Podcast, stating that the internet rumors about her relationship are false and that she is single. However, Ortega claimed to have been in a relationship for a couple of years.

There was no way it could be Devin Booker because he was reportedly dating Kendall Jenner at the time.

Devin Booker seems to be focused on basketball

Enter Devin Booker. pivotal year in his NBA career next season. The Phoenix Suns have surrounded their franchise star with the best talent for championship success. At the due date earlier this year, they signed Kevin Duran to ease the pressure on Booker and add a proven superstar.

This offseason, the Suns added another All-Star in Bradley Beal, draining nearly all of their future assets and salary cap flexibility. The Suns did manage to add depth to their roster, signing free agents such as Eric Gordon, Josh Okogi and Keita Bates-Diop, among other free agents.

Despite the addition of Duran, Booker is the right hand of the Suns.. He is the youngest star and longest-serving player in the current roster. Booker should also be the go-to option on most nights when teams are bombarding Durant.

He took advantage of that last season during the playoffs. Booker released historical shooting statistics during the Suns conference semi-finals. He averaged 33.7 points, the most of any player who made it to at least the second round, while shooting 58.5%, including 50.8% from deep.

The window for super teams like the Suns is usually tight, so Booker will try to focus on getting the job done.

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