Did Daryl Dixon get the first immunity to the Walking Dead zombie virus?

The first successes of the spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon They start giving us clues as to what we might see next in the series’ next landing. September 11 on AMC+ Spain. A fact that also sparked rumors of an undead fandom created by Robert Kirkman, which indicates that the series may finally introduce first person immune to the zombie virus.

Played by Norman Reedus since 2010, Dixon ends up arriving on the coast of France with no memory of anything that happened prior to his arrival. The place where he will be met by an assembly of nuns who will save him in exchange fordifficult mission that could be associated with the role of Laurent (Louis Puech Shigliuzzi).

“You are the messenger to deliver Laurent. I know you can get him there safe and sound. He is ready to lead the rebirth of humanity,” Sister (Clemence Poesy) points out to Daryl. The fact that A young person may be immune to the zombie virus and for many will be the key to finding a cure.

Similarities Between Daryl Dixon and The Last of Us

In recent months, the universal series the walking Dead they were already playing with the fact that the disease was cured, as we could see at the end fear the walking dead. The first spin-off of the franchise repeatedly showed how the use of fungi or radiation can stop the spread of the disease of the dead, after receiving a bite in a place that cannot be cut to stop the infection.

So the plot Daryl Dixon did not go unnoticed by the public on social networks, where soon it was also compared to the successful TV series Last of uswhere Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) was in charge of protecting the life of Ellie (Bella Ramsey), the only person with immunity and the key to creating a cure for Cordyceps.

“I love TWD Daryl is my favorite character. But didn’t the writers of the new TV show know? Daryl Dixon that the plot already exists in another popular game/show called Last of us? Here’s what I learned from the new trailer! A little surprised by this choice.

“I was excited to tell my mom the premise of the Daryl Dixon show and she was like, ‘Wow, doesn’t that sound like Last of us?

Why is the trailer Daryl Dixon it’s like trying to reinvent the plot Last of us? Is this child the messiah? Is he immune? I don’t know. I still feel like the series should be over.”

Very similar arguments between the two fictions, which, however, they have not stopped many from being excited about what will happen to Daryl DixoNo. And much more after success Dead citywhere Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) brought back the shine of the glory days the walking Dead, the same series that at one time captivated millions and millions of viewers, and also managed to slip into the awards season. Time will tell what will happen with this new series.

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