Diego Calva, the actor who does not forget Mexico: “my mom danced with DiCaprio, drank with Tarantino and gets along with Salma Hayek”

Despite the success that diego bald has had in Hollywood with his participation in “Babylon” Along with greats in the industry such as Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, the Mexican actor assures that “He does not forget Mexico, nor his family and friends.”

In an interview with Unotv.com, Calva assured that his home is in Mexico and that what he misses the most about being away from the country is his family and friends. In addition to walking through the streets of the capital and enjoying its delights.

“Los Angeles is not where you can walk and I love walking downtown, I grew up in Santa María la Riviera and I love walking, I missed that a lot, the strong coffee, they don’t have it there and the tacos and hot sauce.”

diego bald

However, he said that this does not limit him to being able to move to any part of the world to work.

“Whenever they need me I can go to Los Angeles, New York or wherever, but for me the house is here (in Mexico) the truth is that it gave me homesick when I was living outside the country for two years, while I can I go to continue here”.

Diego also said that interpreting manny torres in “Babylon” changed it and explained why:

“At a conscious level, having the spotlight changed me and you become like a representative, maybe you didn’t look for it, but the Latino or Hispanic representation exists and I fell there.”

diego bald

That is why, now he will seek to choose the next roles and projects that he will carry out.

“I have to start selecting roles and building a public life, based on what I love and that I was not so aware of before. Now I really want to be able to decide, to be able to choose characters and build a career”.

diego bald

And it is that, the success that Diego Calva has had has not only reached him, but even his mother has been able to enjoy the fruits of his work, being able to share unique moments next to great stars.

“My mom has danced with Leonardo DiCaprio, she has thrown tequilas with Tarantino, she has cried and talked for hours with Salma Hayek.”

diego bald

It is for this reason that he even assures that he wants to make a comedy about what has happened to his own mother as a result of his work.

“I have tried to take her everywhere, she has an incredible relationship with Margot, with Brad, she knows everyone, which is very cool.”

For diego baldthe last year has been an important time for the cinema, for this reason he said that he “would not do franchises”, since he seeks to experiment a lot.

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