Diet Cheetos: Megan T Stallion shows off her figure in a turquoise bikini and eats…

Megan T Stallion, a rapper sensation at the time, made everyone open their mouths by sharing their routine worries. One that supports him and allows him to look spectacular in bikini. Apparently, the singer would be very helped by maintaining a balance in terms of nutrition, to which she belongs and Cheetos Mexican style. Yeah Cheetos.

Megan T Stallion in her kitchen. | Credits: @theestallion

The talented artist shows off her incredible figure in hilarious Instagram videos of her daily life. From intense workouts in the gym to relaxing moments in the kitchen. The thing is Megan T Stallion she always leaves us speechless with her charisma and envy body.

You are a stallion She is known for surprising us with her extravagant outfits and this time she did not disappoint us. Well, in one of his publications you can see him with an enviable figure and in a tight suit. platinum turquoise bikini and with a wig that matches her appearance.

Megan T Stallion wears this platinum bikini in one of her latest Instagram posts. | Credits: @theestallion

Secret in Cheetos?

Megan shares his love for healthy food and reveals his favorite recipes. The ones that keep her in shape. From the looks of it, Cheetos will be his sin, or his secret. As you know, Cheetos are also widely consumed in Mexico. Especially his very spicy version. Apparently, the rapper “fell in love” with this uniquely spicy taste.

Megan T Stallion Corn with Cheetos. | credits: @theestallion

Among her healthy food recipe videos, we can find one in which she crushes a packet of Cheetos and then he mixes it with some spices to make a mayonnaise-like cream that he pours over the corn. His face of satisfaction is unique and even encourages us to try this interesting combination.

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