Dinner with Matt Damon, Ludacris and Zoe Saldanha?: Stella Artois raffles off a double trip to New York for the most delicious food in the world

  • Meet these great celebrities, who are usually only seen on the screen, became a reality thanks to the brand The AB InBev Brewery, which is part of the Shall We Eat? contest, will be drawing an incredible opportunity to share a table and host a party with them, Jeremy Allen White, Francis Tiafoe and other famous artists on August 24th..

The current pace of life and the urgency required to perform daily activities such as sitting down to a table has led to people losing connection and key moments in your life. Sharing the table has taken on a different meaning, with many even eating or drinking alone.

Faced with this reality Stella Artois, whose purpose is to remind you of the importance of sharing meals, asked the following question: “If you could have dinner with someone, who would it be?” The question responsible for taking the lucky one to New York to enjoy the world’s most exciting dinner and reunite at the table with world-class celebrities.

To talk to Matt Damon about his acting career at HollyWood and his recent role in Oppenheimer; know from one’s own lips ludacris how he was inspired to create music or what was his participation in “Fast and the Furious”; comment from Zoe Saldana the end of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy; and toast with Francis Tiafoe with Stella, sponsor of Wimbledon, the triumph of a successful tennis player in this tournament is possible thanks to the competition that launched the brand Brewery AB InBev. This event, which reinforces the authentic connection between people, gives dinner a new meaning, is called “Shall we eat?”

Belonging from July 24 to August 24 this competition will be active, which includes double ticket to New York, transport and accommodation for two nights in the city. The winner will be part of the incredible Stella Artois adventure on September 21st with reception, dinner and afterparty accompanied by Matt Damon, Zoe Saldanha, Ludacris, Frances Tiafoe and Jeremy Allen White. The guest list also includes famous businessmen, chefs and trendsetters who will share moments of interactivity and impressive performances throughout the night, inspiring everyone to dinner together.

The brewery ensures that this initiative, in addition to providing an unforgettable experience, encourages consumers to reconnect around the table with good beer. “We are thrilled to learn that this competition enhances the role that Stella Artois plays in genuine connection and conversations about food. Stella brings back that eagerness to share and that desire to come together and breathe life into the table. We selected a few global icons to make this experience epic, one of a kind, and the most immersive dining experience in the world.”Diego Soffia, Brand Manager of Stella Artois in Chile, comments.

How to participate

The system for entering the competition is to respond to this form https://bit.ly/letsdodinner with the required data, accepting the terms and privacy policy indicated in it. The requirements are to be of legal age, reside in Chile, have a valid ID and passport, have permission to enter the United States, and participate only once. The drawing will take place on August 24 by random selection among all participants. Once selected, AB InBev Brewery will contact the lucky winner within 24 hours.

Additional information about the legal basis of the competition or its conditions can be found on the brand’s Instagram (https://instagram.com/stellaartois_cl)

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