Djokovic’s Careful Diet That Made Him Cincinnati Champion

Novak Djokovic (2nd) went down in history this Sunday, August 20th. After returning to a great game Carlos Alcaraz (1st), Serb won Cincinnati Masters 1000 and won the 95th title in his career. And many are already wondering how he does it.

At 36 years old Nole he is whole. Unlike his fellow generations, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, the Balkan tennis player continues to perform at the highest level. And much of her success is due to her meticulous diet.

Djokovic diet

On the @jmgmoron twitter account, they detail Djokovic’s rigorous eating plan as revealed by himself. And the thing is, turning the game around a subject that’s 16 years younger isn’t just a matter of talent and a little bit of luck.

“As soon as you get up, Novak drinks a glass of hot or room temperature water with lemon and a few drops of silver.“, – they note from the very beginning.

“Why don’t you ever drink cold water? Because so that your body does not waste energy on heating water. So far, measures, ”they add.

They then note that “even on an empty stomach, a green smoothie is made that includes celery, spirulina, seaweed and spinach, plus fruit.”

Djokovic became Cincinnati Masters 1000 champion after defeating Alcaraz, who was 16 years his junior. | Photo: Getty

“Eat plenty of fruit in the morning because that’s how you get the energy for your workouts,” they add.

“In total, try to fast for about 14-16 hours. Try to eat as little time as possible because you don’t want to waste energy on digestion. It measures everything to the maximum and saves energy consumption as much as possible,” they note.

Same breakfast all year round

“For breakfast, Novak admitted that he eats the same thing “almost 365 days a year.” This is a superbowl,” they say.

It “contains gluten-free organic muesli, oats, fruit, and two tablespoons of manuka honey, a honey produced by bees that feed on the manuka flower, a plant that grows in New Zealand and Australia and has unique antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (and very expensive on Amazon). )”.

After that, they note that “at lunch they begin to add carbohydrates, but always accompanied by plant foods.”

“Djokovic bases his diet on plants, algae and vegetables, especially his lunch includes quinoa, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, vegetables and various plants,” they add.

To conclude: “Dinner is where you introduce protein. Many years ago he ate fish, but he completely abandoned it, as well as meat.

“Many years ago I stopped eating meat (I used to eat it twice a day) because it takes a lot of energy to digest it. The source of protein is all vegetables with tofu as the main character, as well as other plants and vegetables, as well as soup or cream. All very real food,” they emphasize.

Thus, it is clear that Nole’s success is not just talent. His few injuries and amazing physical condition at his age make it more than clear that his individual diet also plays a very important role in his successful career.

check your diet

When is Djokovic playing?

After winning the Cincinnati Masters 1000 title, Novak Djokovic will now focus on the US Open. The motivated Serb reaches the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year, starting on Monday 28 August.

How many titles does Djokovic have?

After Nole became the Cincinnati Masters 1000 champion against Carlos Alcaraz, he won the 95th title of his career. Of these, 23 correspond to Grand Slam trophies.

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