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Two or three weeks will be the most important; The wells of the Himalayas and Morales and Filters will be connected to the network; to fill the pipes there will be water from private wells. The new plan continues hand in hand with officials

Author: Jorge Saldana

Mayor of the capital of San Luis Potosi Enrique Galindo Ceballosannounced today that the next three weeks will be the most difficult in terms of lack of water supply in the entire city for what he announced emergency measures, he gave the city his office and revised technical strategies.

With the support of the entire city cabinet, the mayor of the capital announced that heThe city currently has no water supply from either the Realito Dam, a pipeline, or water coming from the San José Dam. so “two or three critical weeks” will come.

This scenario was reported in the city council. short-term measures have been implemented, such as the abolition of pipe loading sources in the Morales, Los Filtros and Himalaya wells. and instead of this resourceor it will be injected directly into filters and into the distribution network of the city.

It was also reported that the water resources of the river. private wells such as the Grand Peñon, Alfonso Lastras and the third located in the industrial area, who will provide water directly into the network or to fill pipes as needed; the same that will be used thanks to the solidarity of companies and citizens who provide water from private wells.

Advances made in drilling and commissioning have also been advanced of six new wells that, in the medium term, will be able to replace and even exceed the 460 liters per second provided by the San José Dam.

Two of these wells have already been drilled, the rest two of them have achieved 60 percent progress, and three more are in the process of being launched. Terms of putting these objects into operationn will vary from 2 weeks to 2 monthsWith.

ABOUT distribution of pipes, it was reported that more than 700 million liters have been delivered so far through this strategy, which, it was recognized, although not the most suitable, but what is at hand to respond to the public immediately.

With the technical measures in place, the pumping of water into the filters for connection to the grid, and the emerging plan, which has been implemented since February, This is how the municipality will face what it called “the next critical weeks.”.

An appeal was also made to citizens of all levels and government orders to support and join forces to combat the water crisis that the city is experiencing today.

Mayor Enrique Galindo Ceballos explained that the 40 areas affected by the depletion of the San José Dam will be supplied with drinking water directly because the Morales, Los Filtros and Himalayas loading centers will be cancelled. In addition, the Lomas I well will be activated, with the help of which a total of 74 liters per second will be connected to the network. Within the next three weeks, the wells Presa I, Presa II and Presa III will be rehabilitated and put into operation, which will provide water to the same sector with a total flow rate of 136 liters per second.

These 40 districts are: Centro, Hidalgo, San Pedro, Fuentes del Bosque, Del Valle, Polanco, Los Angeles, Tequisquiapan, Moderna, La Huerta, Amado Nervo, Las Garzas, Arboleda, Viceroyes, Avenida, Jardines de la Rivera, Park de España, Valle de Bravo, Vista Hermosa and Cuitlahuac, Las Aguilas, Tangamanga, Jardin, Bureaucrata, Del Real, Stadium, National Anthem, ISSSTE, Stadium Gardens, Alamitos, Independencia, Bolivar, Xicotencatl, De la Rosa, San Miguelito, Guadalupe, Leon Garcia, Ricardo Flores Magon, Villa Rica and San Juan de Guadalupe.

As part of the strategyThe entire city cabinet, without losing sight of their duties, promised to redouble their efforts and each official would be assigned a district of the city. what they will be personally aware of for your attention, their telephone numbers will be known, and all officials and their teams will be those who will serve the citizens.

Mayor Galindo Ceballos also stressed thatHe recently met with Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona to discuss the matter.Ai said that there is every willingness to support working together and in solidarity to resolve the crisis.

Meetings between CEA, Conagua and Interapas have also been regular, he said.

“We must deal with this crisis without panic, it is necessary to give results to the potosinos immediately, then we will fight and discuss if interapas is dissolved, or if it works or not, these are political and administrative issues, what worries us today is a social issue and the needs of the population … “

Finally the mayor once again called for the solidarity of citizens and announced the delivery of 7,000 packages with life-saving showers, devices for washing dishes and toilet bowlsand hourglass to prevent citizens from showering for more than 4 minutes.

In the context, Rudolph Giuliani, mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001, accustomed to facing crises, especially the security always accompanied and supported his entire cabinet.

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