Does Anne Hathaway go to terror? The actress will star in the new film from the director of It Follows produced by JJ Abrams

It Follows managed to become a cult movie, within the horror genre, thanks to the effectiveness of David Robert Mitchell. The American filmmaker directed this terrifying show that tells how sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are transmitted to each other as if they were some kind of curse that is difficult to get rid of. Putting as protagonists of the function, for the most part, characters who began to have sexual relations for the first time, the work is today almost essential in any list of horror films. Robert Mitchell is already preparing his next film, along with Bad Robot, the producer of JJ Abramsand it has been announced that Anne Hathaway will be the lead in the play.

David Robert Mitchell says his new project is an “exciting ride”

At the time of writing this article, details about the project are scarce, beyond what has been described as a “thrilling ride”, which does not allow us to scratch too much to even know the theme of the tape. Taking into account the filmmaker’s cut, which premiered in 2018 Under the Silver Lake with Andrew Garfield greatly dividing the audience, it is possible that the author strays a bit from the horror genre to explore other. But it sure would be amazing to see Hathaway in an indie horror product. The actress starred in the remake of Las brujas in 2020 and left the public quite amazed with her performance, so we hope she repeats in the genre.

The actress will star in the new film from the person in charge of It Follows.

Anne Hathaway would also have running surprise princess 3, the new installment of the saga that has come true after many requests. Although we do not know to what extent she will be involved in the project: “I would like to do that entertainment, I’m looking for it. If there is a way to involve Julie Andrews, I think we would make it work. We would go to where she is and put a green screen behind her and just make it happen.“Said the actress before it was confirmed that the third installment received the green light.

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