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Doja Cat sparked controversy on social media after responding ‘rudely’ to her followers streams, who asked him to send them a message stating that he “loves them very much”.

In this regard, the singer replied that she could not do this, “since I didn’t even know them.” Of course, before such a response, her fans were furious and began to bombard her with messages, including such. “She was famous because she was supported.”

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Because the singer wrote this when she first opened her account. streamsI have no hesitation in deleting it entirely after the number of negative comments skyrocketed.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t end there as the repercussions of her message reached her Instagram account as she was no longer followed by her loved ones. 500,000 people.

The above happened between July 23 and 24, and while the follower flow is exaggerated and astounding, we have to be honest and admit that it’s not that much, knowing that the artist is still followed by 25.7 million followers on Instagram alone, although the number is still high.

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Despite the Threads controversy, the artist also got mad at her fans calling themselves “Kittens” (something like “kittens”) as a diminutive of the singer’s artistic pseudonym. It was then that he told them the following:

“My fans don’t call themselves shit. If you call yourself “Kitten” or “Kitents”, it means that you should turn off the phone, get a job and help your parents around the house.”

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At the time, a fan reminded her that the name was her invention for her followers, to which Doja Cat replied:

“That was when I was an alcoholic teenager.”

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