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26 July

The “Woman” singer lost those Instagram followers and deleted her Threads account after criticizing her fans in a series of deleted posts.

Earlier this week, Dodja, known for being outspoken on social media, criticized her fans online. The artist directed most of her criticism at those who created fan accounts dedicated to her and who called themselves kittensthe name she gave to her followers in the past.

After her unexpected comments, the 27-year-old artist lost over 180,000 Instagram followers in the last few weeksThis is reported by Hype Auditor.

In one of the already deleted messages, which the artist shared on Twitter, she wrote: “My fans can’t call themselves shit. If you call yourself “kitty” **king “kitty” that means you need to hang up, get a job and help your parents around the house.”.

Before deleting the messages, Doja called “nasty” Twitter/X user for using his government name, Amala Dlaminias username.

Several fan accounts have been disabled, apparently due to the singer’s outburst.

Doja is currently preparing for a US national tour starting later this year. The first concert will take place at the Chase Center in San Francisco on October 31st.

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