Doja Cat marked by the serious messages she exchanges with her fans: “I don’t even know you” – Music

american singer The Dodge Cat is one of the most controversial world of music today. The singer of songs like “Kiss Me More” has a special demeanor that sets her apart from her peers. We could see it at the MET gala. The world’s most popular fashion ceremony featured some of the most unusual outfits, with Doja Cat standing out from the rest. She described herself as a catgiving a lot to talk about.

Fans of any famous person usually use a very personal characteristic of their idol to create a nickname that baptizes the group. Thus, we have at “haircuts”, followers of Taylor Swift; “believers”, followers of Justin Bieber… Doja Cat followers, remembering the Met Gala costume and her own name, they decided to call themselves kittens (kittens).

This did not sit well with Dodge Cat, who wrote a post on her Threads account saying: My fans don’t call themselves stupid. If you call yourself “Kitten” or “Kittenz” it means that you should drop your phone and get a job to help your parents. The publication provoked a reaction from his fans, but what was to come was unforeseen. Doja Cat’s fan account in Iran wrote to her: “I want to hear you say, ‘I love you guys.’ As usual, to tell your fans”. To which she replies: I don’t know, I don’t even know you”.

Another excited fan explained to the singer: And we don’t know you either. But we supported you no matter what. remember, that you would be NOTHING without us. Would you work in a supermarket or play in a garage band, miss the dropouts”. This criticism is widely shared by the main body of users, who believe that the artist should thank those who follow him for the privileged position to which they manage to rise.

Doja Cat doesn’t think so and responded to the previous post by saying: “No one forced you. I don’t know why you talk to me like you’re my mother you talk like crazy. It was the last spark needed to light the flame. Through this messaging, the artist became a trend, drawing the ire of many profiles on these platforms. The fan club accounts themselves have shut down their activities in protest.deleting all content they previously uploaded in support of the artist.

Detractors on the Internet are specialists in finding previous publications that make the person under attack look bad. Today, they do not need to make much effort, because, just two days ago, Doja Cat posted a “tweet” that said: I can’t wait to go on tour! I love you, guys. I feel blessed”. Thus, they imply that she would be a hypocrite, using this language that she enjoys so little to gain financially from her fans, only to reject such behavior later when she has nothing to announce.

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