Double Defense Campaign ahead of World Contraception Day

BUENOS AIRES (and digital) As part of World Contraception Day, which is celebrated on September 26, the Argentine Medical Contraceptive Association (AMAdA) is promoting the #DoubleProtectionLessWorry campaign. The winning duo: a condom plus another method of contraception of your choice (short or long, with or without hormones) to guarantee greater protection.

“This campaign highlights the need to combine condoms with another contraceptive method of choice. This synergy not only protects against unexpected pregnancy, but also creates an effective barrier against sexually transmitted infections,” emphasizes the doctor. Leah ArribasPresident of AMAdA.

Likewise, it highlights that “the relevance of dual protection goes further,” as “it’s not just about doubling the prevention of unintended pregnancy, but also about strengthening our protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This strategy enhances protection and promotes shared responsibility in our intimate relationships.”

“The campaign goes beyond the personal sphere and emphasizes the importance of mutual protection. The message is clear: it is an act of self-care and respect for others. “Regardless of age, situation, or relationship, preventing unexpected pregnancies and STIs are integral pillars of intimacy,” adds the professional.

When it comes to contraceptive methods, Argentina has a wide range of options, allowing us to make individual choices. These methods can be combined with the use of condoms to increase their effectiveness. From short term options like injections, patches, pills and vaginal ring to long term alternatives like IUDs and implants.

The importance of STI prevention cannot be overstated. “Sexually transmitted infections are a reality that we cannot ignore. Diseases such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B and C can have long-term consequences. The condom, as the protagonist of this strategy, is an important defense against them,” warns the doctor. Maria Elisa MoltoniVice President of AMAdA.

The campaign, promoted by AMAdA, invites everyone to join this important cause of sexual health and wellness by sharing their experiences, lessons learned and advice on their social media using the hashtag: #DoubleProtectionLessWorry. It is essential to consider the effectiveness of dual protection in the circles in which they operate: at home, with friends and in the community. Together we can create meaningful dialogue that will lead to positive change in our lives and societies.

“Prevention is a shared responsibility. Join the #DobleProtecciónLessWorry campaign and do your part to build a safer and healthier future for all,” says Moltoni.

Double Protection is not only a commitment to ourselves, but also a solid step towards sexual health and confidence in our relationships. Let’s change the situation together and make care and prevention a priority in our lives. (and digital)

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