“Drivers” arrived in Scania Peru


10 people will be selected to receive this scholarship from Scania.

“Drivers” arrived in Scania Peru

This is a specialization program in bus driving.

-ARGENTINA. Nutrilon4 and Fundación Garraham guide families through children’s stories about nutrition, encouragement and respect. They feature nutritional information provided by Garraham experts and playful stories to share with boys and girls, promoting reading-induced familiarity.

-PERU. the program has arrived drivers in Scania Peru. This is the first version of Scania’s Bus Driving Specialization Program. 10 people will be selected to receive this scholarship. In Argentina, he already had several publications.
-ARGENTINA. Híper ChangoMâs has introduced MâsClub, a new exclusive benefits program for customers across the country. Through the MâsClub portal, customers will be able to register for free and get access to exclusive promotions in all branches, get unique discounts on gastronomy, entertainment, as well as in the network of pharmacies and car centers that the retail chain has, including.
-GLOBAL. Adidas presents its new Tiro & Avryn collection, which it aims to elevate to a new category: Adidas. sportswear. The brand’s new line aims to enhance the consumer’s everyday look with a range of contemporary cuts that utilize the latest performance technologies. Jenna Ortega (Merlina) will make her Adidas debut starring in the line’s launch.

– Latin America. In the context of World Water Week, which takes place August 20-24, Pepsico understands that access to clean, drinkable and safe water is essential for a society to thrive. Hence the global goals that Pepsico has set for 2030 in its sustainability transformation agenda: pep+ (PepsiCo Positive). These include providing access to drinking water for 100 million people, a positive impact on water use, and replenishing 100% of the water used in high water risk areas.
-ARGENTINA. Café Martinez celebrated its 90th anniversary at its emblematic Martinez House. The Argentine brand celebrates its heritage with an interactive event that combines tradition and technology in the heart of Buenos Aires, strengthening its connection with cafe.

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