‘Dualidad’: change the Tarta de Santiago for the orgies in FisQui and we have our Demi Lovato in Angy

Angy he’s back. And hey, it’s not a babalá issue, a total of ten units of a year have passed since their last album came out, ‘Drama What in‘, in 2013. At that time, we went from the teenage pop-rock of the first album to the debatable electropop of that one, the public did not understand anything, Spain was not prepared to talk about female pop leaders and things ended in a bluff. And what he had there Steve Mac, to Chris Gordon, to Ina Wroldson… in short, to people who had worked -and work- with good people. But nothing, that flute was full of slime.

And since then, to Angy We have seen her a lot on television, on talent shows, on some series, on ‘The call’… come on, what a present we have had. But it is true that a little in the field of “sings, acts and paints, writes poems, everything does well”. That no one has been able to very well identify Angy like one thing or another. That an apnea did the same to you, imitated you Freddy Mercury and then I sold you a product Avon.

It is precisely this split in character, among other things, that he talks about in his new single, ‘Duality‘, which recovers the pop-rock spirit of the first album, emphasizing the second more than the first. Our Demi lovato, without the need for tons and tons of Tarta De Santiago. This project is where you will really meet her, etc. Only that it is true, because we imagine that ‘boytoy‘ It wasn’t exactly very biographical either.

Angy makes the sisters happy plains, Angy smash guitars on the stage floor, Angy makes Maika Barbero have to put on a panties washer because she has wet them in such a way that the neighbors on the ground floor have leaks, Angy She is the rock diva that nobody expected in 2023. Except her, who already knew her intentions, and ruth Lawrence, who co-writes the theme. From rocker to rocker.


It will be your roll if: You visit medieval markets, you have pretended to go with a fart from fifteen when you were drinking Bitter Kas, the psychologist you have with Social Security.

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