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Al-Nasr became world famous thanks to the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now other superstars like Sadio Mane have followed him into the desert. Here are the Al Nasr ratings for EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Ratings Al Nasr Ronaldo Mane Fofana
EA FC 24: Al Nasr Ratings: How good are Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane in the new FIFA 24? | © EG

EA Sports now published ratings of some top clubsand we look forward to the official launch of EA Sports FC 24 on September 29th. The name still sounds strange, but it will take some getting used to.

Despite the new name, in fact, this is the same FIFA that we all know and love. Here are the most significant changes in EA FC 24:

Al Nasr Ratings at EA Sports FC 24

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Pro League has created a buzz as more elite European athletes move east. This is mainly due to the money provided by the state to some Saudi clubs.

These exorbitant amounts exceed what even the best clubs in the Premier League can afford, which is worrying. One can also imagine that Saudi clubs will soon play in the Champions League. Because? Because money rules the world.

Al-Nasr has invested a staggering €165 million in new players. until now. Together with transfer bonuses and salaries, the costs are likely to exceed 1 billion euros.

But today let’s focus on Al Nasr’s ratings in EA FC 24 – the team will be significantly better than in FIFA 23, that’s for sure.

EA FC 24: Al-Nasr Ratings in the new FIFA 24

In our predictions, we highlight the top players and pros who have made the biggest improvements over the previous year. If Al Nasr’s qualification for EA FC 24 becomes known or confirmed (or if a transfer is still pending), we will update the qualification immediately. Changes in grades, whether improvements or reductions are in brackets.

If you’re looking for absolute superstar ratings, you’ve come to the right place:

EA FC 24: Al Nasr Ratings Goalkeepers and Defenders

Here are our ranking predictions for Al Nasr at EA FC 24, starting with goaltenders and defenders. We lack experience with local Al Nasr Saudi Arabian players, so we mainly focus on famous superstars:

POS terminal NAME OVR


David smallpox 77 (-3)
BY Nawaf Al Aqidi 59 (+1)
CDF eimeric Laporte 85 (-1)
CDF Abdulala Al Amri 70 (-1)


Sultan TO-Gunnam

71 (-1)


Ghyslaine conan 77 (+1)
LI Alex telles 78 (-2)

Aymeric Laporte is the star of Al-Nasr’s defense. The Spaniard is at his best and will take defense to a new level. Ospina and Telles are other big names, but they should also expect ratings to drop.

EA FC 24: Al Nasr’s EA FC 24 rankings for midfielders and forwards

Al-Nasr’s attack is truly formidable: Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane and Talisca are world-class footballers. But don’t be surprised to see a CR7 rating…

POS terminal NAME OVR
MK, SM Marcelo Brozovich 85 (-1)
MK, MK Seko fofana 83 (+2)
MK, MK Saami TO-Najei 69 (0)


Abdulrahman Gharib 69 (+1)

doctor of medical sciences, doctor of medical sciences

Otavio 83 (+1)
MKO, District of Columbia, Maryland Anderson Talisca

82 (0)

dc, dc Christian ronaldo

87 (-3)

ED, Ireland, DC

sadio mane

87 (-2)

Cristiano Ronaldo expected. get one -3 reductions. A football player second in greatness only to Lionel Messi is gradually losing his brilliance. But who can blame CR7? The man is almost 40 years old. Sadio Mane had a difficult season at Bayern Munich, so giving him just -2 here is pretty generous.

That’s it for Al Nasr at EA FC 24. Here are our other rating predictions:

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