Earthquake Of Magnitude 6.3 Jolts Northeast Of Taiwan

A strong Earthquake of 6.3 magnitude strikes in the northeast of Taiwan. According to the Weather Bureau, strong Earthquake tremors have been felt in the capital Taipei. As per the Weather Bureau, due to the strong tremors of the earthquake, buildings in the capital Taipei were seen shaking for a while.

Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Felt In Northeast Of Taiwan

In an unfortunate incident, strong Earthquake tremors were felt in the northeast of Taiwan. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 6.3 magnitudes on the Richter scale on Monday, The United States Geological Survey ( USGS) reported. The quake occurred at 18:51:23 (UTC+05:30) and the depth was registered at 183.5km.

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The German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) said the quake occurred at 18:51:23 (UTC+ 05:30) and the depth was registered at 183.5km. People have come out of their homes due to fear of earthquakes. No information regarding any loss of life or property has been revealed so far.

Earthquakes In Taiwan

According to USGS, the epicentre of the earthquake was found to be at latitude: 26.434°N and longitude: 125.303°E, respectively. No reports of casualties have surfaced yet. The deadliest earthquake occurred in Taiwan on September 21, 1999, Killing thousands of people and causing billions of dollars in damage.

This earth is mainly made up of four layers, which are called inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. The crust and upper mantle are called the lithosphere. These are 50 km thick layers, which are called tectonic plates. These tectonic plates keep on moving from their place, keep on rotating and keep on sliding. These plates usually move about 4-5mm from their place every year. They can move from their place both horizontally and vertically.

In this sequence, sometimes a plate moves closer to another plate and some moves away. During this, sometimes these plates collide with each other. In such a situation, an earthquake occurs and the earth shakes. These plates are about 30-50 km below the surface.

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