Ed Sheeran interrupts concert to announce gender of couple’s baby

Ed Sheeran interrupts concert to announce gender of couple’s baby

As part of his successful tour +–=÷xEd Sheeran performed the show on August 5 at the stadium Arrow from Kansas City. The concert was going well until the couple, who raised a sign above them, asked them to pass on a message to the interpreter. the shape of you. The musician finally received a message in which the couple asked him to reveal the gender of their baby in front of nearly 77,000 viewers, making the moment something special.

Which is why Sheeran decided to abort his interpretation ideal at his concert to fulfill the wishes of his fans. “I’ll sing ‘Perfect’ again, but I feel like this is the first time I’m doing something like this”– said the musician, opening the envelope, causing a lot of emotions in the public, repeating the phrase “Let’s go.” After what felt like an eternity, Sheeran posted the news: “It’s a girl!”causing euphoria in what is considered the busiest stadium in all of the United States.

The video Sheeran shared about the emotional moment also showed the couple in the audience. The woman wearing the white dress was moved to tears, while the man was wearing his cap backwards and smiling broadly. Sheeran returned the child’s sex papers to the happy parents, congratulating them and sharing his experience as a father.

“I can tell you, as a father of two daughters, it’s incredible. Incredible. Congratulations,” said Ed Sheeran Photo: Instagram / Ed Sheeran

“I can tell you, as a father of two daughters, it’s incredible. Incredible. Congratulations”.

Just a few hours after uploading Sheeran’s video, it’s almost 150 thousand reactions and hundreds of comments in which users talked about how they lived this moment in the stadium, as well as shared anecdotes related to the huge impact that Sheeran’s music had on their lives. Even Erica Garcia Gomez herself, the pregnant woman at the concert, said on Sheeran’s profile to thank her for the gesture she made at Arrowhead.

“I still can’t believe he did this for us. Thank you all for your congratulations, we are very pleased. But most of all thanks to Ed Sheeran for making this night unforgettable. Thanks also to TeddysPhotos for capturing this special moment for us.”

Erica Garcia Gomez, the pregnant woman who asked Ed Sheeran to reveal her baby’s gender, thanked her for the gesture on social media.

“Awesome! My fiancé and I would like you to be the only guest at our wedding in Greece. I just took him to a concert at KC and it was his first concert. He left saying that he appreciated your talent and why I I recommend you to everyone. I lost my parents to suicide and your music has helped me through a lot. I am very grateful that I met this man, and very happy that I can share my love for music with him, “”I just got home from this show. it was amazing. He stopped at the beginning of the song to open up lol but it was definitely cute. Congratulations to this couple!”, “A very emotional and personal moment for both of us, Ed is such a caring person…were some of the comments that can be read in Sheeran’s video.

Sheeran’s current tour has been full of surprises. Last July 16e.g. Ed interpreted lose yourself from Eminem. The acoustic cover was already enough to leave audiences speechless, but certainly no one expected Eminem to take the stage to sing along to Sheeran. The surprise didn’t end there, as the duo also performed Stana piece that the musician created together with Dido in 2000.

Eminem and Ed Sheeran perform “Stan” together

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