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More and more celebrities are betting on gastronomy. From Bad Bunny and his foray into the restaurant industry with Gekko, to Cardi B and her line of whipped cream mixed with vodka, passing Joaquín Sabina’s Mexican restaurant or Luisito Comunica’s hamburger chain. This time, the singer Ed Sheeran surprised the world with the launch of a line of sauces in collaboration with the Kraft Heinz emporium.

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Tingly Ted’s is the name of this collaboration, which bears the singer’s childhood nickname: “Ted”. There are two variations: Tingly and Extra Tingly. The first is made with 16% jalapeño, while the second, with 39% of the same ingredient.

“I knew I didn’t want to make a watery hot sauce, as they all usually get relegated to the same shelf as other random hot sauces. I wanted to make a sauce that had the same pride as ketchup”, can be read on the brand’s website.

Currently, the sauce can only be obtained in the United Kingdom and is done through a registration on their website, to pre-order it.

In addition, they explain that both sauces have fresh lemon notes and a smoky touch, along with a mixture of herbs and spices. According to the portal, these hot sauces -which are suitable for vegans- can go with any type of food: hamburgers, eggs, burritos, fries, among others.

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