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Photographer’s translator helps a fast food restaurant that serves hot dogs.

Ed Sheeran He is one of the most listened to singers in the world, receiving about 80 million listeners per month. He is an icon in the music industry. In addition to music, the translator “shape of youHe goes out of his way for his fans, so much so that he is always in the know and tries to be as close to them as possible. A few days ago, we learned how the artist surprised his fans in Chicago.

Before the concert at Soldier Fieldfans could see english serving hot dogs at a fast food kiosk. A stall notorious for insulting customers while serving food.

This food stall has already become a Chicago landmark, so interpreter “Galway girl» he went there to help and meet his followers. was more than 700,000 people came to see it on stage, so no doubt many more people will go to see it at the hot dog stand, and even more will be free..

That’s why he’s such a favorite singer because not all artists do this for their fans.


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