Edinson Cavani in Boca LIVE: 9 minutes presentation, transfer market, reinforcements and other news on Monday 31 July.

Boca blew up the transfer market by signing Edinson Cavani. and also surprised by the former River Marcelo Saracchiwhile fans were in awe of other great personalities such as Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazardand the team is getting ready visit the Nacional de Montevideo for the 1/8 finals of the Copa Libertadores with two important comebacks from the starting team.

News from Boca, live today: minute by minute of Cavani’s presentation at La Bombonera

Video: Jorge Ameal trembled with Ole on Edinson Cavani’s arrival in Boca

“Great, very good. This is a very good reinforcement. But we have very good players, we do not need to reduce the price,” he told him. Jorge Amor Amel To olebefore entering bombonere live welcome Edinson Cavani.

Cavani’s official presentation ball will bear his name and the Boca shield.

fans Mouth will spend a historic day at Bombonera with a presentation Edinson Cavani. Everything special, even the ball! “Welcome Cavani”engraved the ball to be used this Monday with a xeneize shield and the pose of a Uruguayan striker doing his typical bow and arrow feast.

Boca fans have already started dropping into the Bombonera to receive Cavani.

Some time before the doors of Bombonera opened (at 16:00), there were already fans Mouth waiting for entry. Admission is free for participants of all categories. Starting at 18:00 this will be the main event with a welcome to the Matador. People are already filling the Temple.

Madness at the arrival of Cavani: Matador sang along with the fans

He arrived and revolutionized Aeropark. Yeah Edinson Cavani already began to feel the color and heat of the fan Mouth, the influence of his main addition, what does it mean for Xeneize. Specifically, the Matador arrived so happy and energized that one day, in the van that took him to the hotel, he began to sing with his children and with the fans who shouted classical music to him through the window. “Let’s go boouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”. Awesome. Read more.

The emotional meeting between Edinson Cavani and Manteca Martinez, the man responsible for his forest dream

“Strengthen those fences!” With this message, the club showed on their official networks an emotional reunion between Edinson Cavani and Manteca Martinezwho went to receive the new Bok striker at the Aeropark, as well as the person responsible for the Bostero dream of his compatriot. Read more.

Bombonera from the sky, Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani is already in Argentina!

The plane of the Uruguayan attacker landed at about 2:30 pm at the Aeropark. “Arrival,” Matador wrote from the air in a video he filmed in the city of Buenos Aires with Bombonera in the background! and two emoticons with flowers Mouth. The gates open from 16:00. bombonere and at 18 there will be a presentation of the highest gain of Argentine football. It can be seen live on Boca’s YouTube channel.

La Bombonera ready to host Edinson Cavani

“All is ready” And “It’s gonna be a beautiful day”there were legends that Bok’s official account used to show how it bombonere We are waiting for reinforcements in the transfer market. The doors of the stadium open at 16:00 and the event opens at 18:00. It can be seen live on Boca’s YouTube channel.

Nacional asks Cavani not to play against them with Boca in Libertadores!

Potro Dominguez, former Boca striker and Agremiados secretary, has died.

They called him Jorge Carlos Alberto Dominguez but so many names were in the background before the nickname by which everyone knew him: Colt. The striker, who has played for several Argentine football clubs as well as in Europe, died on Monday at the age of 64. Read more.

Good news in Boca: Two headlines that were touched and Almiron recovered for Libertadores

Pellistri, the footballer who sounds at Boca, could be ‘borrowed’ according to United.

Manchester United lost 3-2 to Dortmund in a pre-season friendly. Although the result was not very good, the Red Devils had a stellar presence on the pitch: Facundo Pellistri, the midfielder they paid €8.5m for in 2020, who now sounds like a possible reinforcement for Boca. Read more

Cavani spoke out: why does Boke need the 10th number if he is ready to play for the Cup, Bielsa and so on

Edinson Cavani He arrived in Uruguay this Monday morning and, taking off from Montevideo airport, spoke for the first time as a Boca player, speaking in first person about the reasons for his choice, his relationship with Juan Roman Riquelme, feelings about number 10, the challenge of the Copa Libertadores and the chances of returning to Uruguay national team led by Marcelo Bielsa. Read more.

Cavani arrived in Uruguay

El Matador arrived in Montevideo a few minutes ago after a long journey from Spain. He will soon travel to Argentina to continue his itinerary as Boca’s new reinforcements, where his presentation will take place starting at 18:00 at La Bombonera (doors open at 16:00, with the public (members and partners of all categories with admission free and free ) and press conference.

How to get to the presentation of Cavani in Bombonere

He mouth world will be attentive to everything that happens with Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan will be unveiled this Monday afternoon as the new Xeneize underpinning until December 2024, with La Bombonera as the main venue for the event. The doors of the temple will open at 16:00, and the presentation at 18:00, admission will be free for members of all categories of the club. Read more.

After Cavani, Boca fans went crazy for Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazard.

Arrival from Edinson Cavanione of the most important reinforcements in the history of Argentine football, so excited the Boca fans that in the last hours they went crazy for Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazard, two world mega figures who at the time were identified with Xeniz and Juan Roman Riquelme. What if they were called? Read more.

The gift that Boca prepared for Cavani

There is already anger at Edinson Cavani. This minute after minute makes the Boca fan expect and expect every move of the striker, one of those contracts that break boundaries. Well, in addition to what the club reported during these hours about the presentation this Monday at Bombonera, now one more piece of news has been added: The Uruguayan will live an unforgettable day.

Cavani in Boca: “I’m more than happy”, the Bombonera he never set foot on and his songs from La Doce

He doesn’t know Bombonera. He never played there in his short time at Danubio (in fact, this Uruguayan club has no official matches against Boca). And he also did not enter the Temple for any other reason. Yes, more than once he visualized himself there, he felt himself inside, on the fence, like his compatriot Manteca Martinez, what he once said and what became inspiration, desire, dream. “I will score a goal on this field,” he promised himself. And now Edinson Cavani is close to its implementation. Closer than ever. Read more.

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