Eduardo Antonio hospitalized in Miami

The recent news of Eduardo Antonio’s hospitalization has caused concern among his followers and the Cuban public. A well-known artist is going through hard times after an emergency operation.

Eduardo Antonio hospitalized in Miami

Eduardo Antonio hospitalized in Miami-Dade. This news moves Cuba and the entire Cuban community abroad.

After rumors spread, a Cuban newspaper was able to confirm through an internal source at the Jackson Hospital in Kendall that the talented Divo de Placetas had rushed to the hospital.

Cause? Intestinal obstruction, aggravating the condition of diverticulitis, leading to intestinal perforation.

Secondly, Mario Penton, in a direct address to everyone, shared a statement: ‚ÄúRecently I spoke with Roy, Eduardo’s husband. He told me that he had just woken up from an operation for diverticulitis. He clarified that this is not related to the cosmetic surgery that was done earlier. Although he was in intensive care, his condition is stable. Soon he will be active again on Instagram! So thank you all for your concern. Keep him in your prayers.”

Eduardo was born on December 10, 1967 in Placetas, Villa Clara, Cuba. He excelled in music and acting. From her first steps on the stage of the iconic Tropicana cabaret to winning the 96th OTI Song Festival, her track record is impeccable.

It’s impossible to talk about Eduardo Antonio without mentioning some of his latest collaborations. In 2019, he took part in the New Year’s Eve concert in Bayfront Park along with the world famous Pitbull. In the same year, he gave us the song “La cuenta no da” along with Jakel Acosta and Abel Bosmenier.

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With all this, we hope that this beloved artist will recover soon. In the meantime, we send you a message of encouragement and strength. Cheer up, Edward! All Cuba is with you.

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