Eiza Gonzalez looks spectacular in a Prada miniskirt and loafers with thick soles.

Eiza Gonzalez has a select list favorite shoes. These include low-heeled mules, combat boots and moccasins. Of the latter, in particular Prada sports sole. And that is that it is a shoe that is perfect for those looking for comfort without losing style. For this reason, when she is not at red carpet events or red carpets, she opts for models from more utilitarian footwear and, above all, those that are in trend.

After a long stay in Los Angeles, the place where he came to work in the name of his dream, Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez deserved a privileged position. He communicates with the great figures of cinema, fashion and music. Thus, the looks you choose to wear to your Hollywood social circle should be appropriate for the occasion. This was demonstrated once again by his latest look, in which he wears summer pieces to keep an eye on.

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How to wear a mini skirt and trek-soled loafers by Eiza Gonzalez?

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It’s all about finding a color palette and sticking to it. The singer also opted for neutral colors ranging from brown to beige in a fully skinny summer outfit, which, by the way, is beneficial to her now that she has tanned skin.

He wore sleeveless bodysuit nude brown tone, without any print. They have been the focus of stylists and celebrities since their inception. skims, Brand Kim Kardashian. Plus, they’re perfect to wear with jeans or under other clothing for a sculpting effect.

merged it with summer fashionable mini skirt. Rhomboid print at the hips. added Fendi First Midi bag white, with large F-shaped metal clasp and long handle. And to top it off, he trusted his track-soled platform loafers favorites, model Prada which we also saw in Merlina’s flagship look with Jenna Ortega.

All those times when Eiza Gonzalez wore thick-soled loafers

With skinny jeans and a knitted coat

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Eiza Gonzalez looked perfect in winter in skinny jeans and moccasins.

Capri pants and white shirt

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Asa Gonzalez.

With skinny jeans and a jacket

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